Reversing Station, Khandala

The Reversing Station, Khandala is definitely one of the picturesque sites of the hill station. Once used by the railway department, the Reversing Station of Khandala is today an unused and secluded place. One can enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding regions from this site. During the night, lights from the distant Khapoli city present a heavenly view.

A gigantic advertisement hoarding of Amrutanjan can be seen very near the Reversing Station, just outside the tunnel number 26. Earning its name from this hoarding, the Amrutanjan Point presents a panoramic view of the Khapoli City.

Very near the reversing station, the Lohagad Darshan is a favorite haunt for the kids. The place has many playthings and toys. A large statue of Veer Savarkar is also present here.

The Shivaji Park is another frequently visited site among the tourist attractions in and around Khandala. Very popular as a picnic spot, the Shivaji Park is actually a magnificently maintained garden.

Last Updated on 20 September 2011