Lonavala Hill

Lonavala Hill is one of the famous tourist destinations from Khandala. The hills are also known as the Jewel of the Sahyadri. Lonavala Hill is located at a height of 625 meters above sea level. Located only 5 km from Khandala, Lonavala Hill is an ideal weekend gateway for the city slickers.

Lonavala Hill provides a panoramic view of the Sahyadri Mountains. The Sahyadri Mountains are a part of the Western Ranges. The weather is calm and pleasant from October to May and it advisable to visit this place during this period. The mountainous terrain of the Lonavala Hill provides the adventure enthusiasts ample scope for trekking. They can trek along the numerous waterfalls around the hill. Besides trekking, mountain biking is another option for the sports enthusiasts.

There are a number of lakes located around Lonavala Hill. Among them Bhushi Lake, Lonavala Lake and Tulauli Lake are the most popular. The Walvan Dam is also located nearby. The famous rock cut Buddhist caves Bhaja and Karla are located only 11 km from Lonavala Hill.

Lonavala Hill can be reached by road from Khandala in 15 minutes. Buses ply frequently between these two places on a regular basis. From Pune Lonavala Hill is a 2-hour drive while from Mumbai it takes around 4 hours. Besides traveling by road, people can also reach Lonavala Hill by train. All trains on the Mumbai-Pune line halt regularly at Lonavala.

There are many health resorts located on Lonaval Hill. People come here to rejuvinate and enjoy the beauty of Nature. Some of the famous health resorts are Fariyas Holiday Resort, Rainbow Retreat, Kumar Resort, Biji's Hill Retreat, Valvan Village Resort, Star Agency and many others. These resorts offer excellent accommodation facilities and provide all the amenities of modern day life.

Last Updated on 20 September 2011