Sakur Plateau

Sakur Plateau is situated at an elevation of 1000 feet. It is located about 4 miles from the hill station of Khandala. It is situated on the way to INS Shivaji and village Ambavane. One of the popular tourist attractions of Khadala, Sakur plateau is sparsely populated. Every year thousands of tourists come to this site to enjoy the tranquility and serenity of nature. The site also offers a wide opportunity for sightseeing. The Korigad, Lohagad and Tungi are located at a vicinity to the Sakur plateau of Khandala.

Monkey Hill

Monkey Hill is one of the most popular destinations in Khandala. In fact, the trains coming to Khandala halt at Monkey hill for brake testing. It is located above Khopoli town and can be reached through the aforesaid town or through Borghat reversing station. It is one of the renowned picnic spots in the hill station.

Duke's Nose

Duke's Nose can be approached through Kurwande Village or INS Shivaji. Also known as 'Nagfani', the site was named after Duke Wellington. Duke Wellington is said to have a nose resembling the cliff and thus the cliff was christened after him. The site is known to provide a majestic view of the adjoining hills.

Last Updated on 20 September 2011