Fairs and Festivals in Kodaikanal

To know Kodaikanal, knowledge about the demographics of Kodaikanal is very essential. The town of Kodaikanal covers an area of almost 23 Square Kilometers and has a total population of almost 33,000.

The Fairs and Festivals in Kodaikanal are as colorful and enchanting as its breath taking natural beauty. The land is blessed with diverse culture due to the presence of tourists coming from different parts of the country and world.

Despite its cosmopolitan tourist population, it has managed to retain its age old traditions and culture.

The main Fairs and Festivals in Kodaikanal are:
  • Natyanjali Festival
    it is organized in the month of February or March. It is four day long festival that starts from the day of Mahashivaratri, the day when Lord Shiva is worshipped. Nataraja is one form of Lord Shiva and is believed to be the God of dances. On this auspicious day, dancers from every corner of India gather to perform in the Natyanjali Festival and to pay their tribute to Nataraja.

  • Chithirai Festival
    it is celebrated in the month of April and is named after the Tamil month, Chithirai. The festival continues for a long period of ten days. The main part of the festival is the procession of Lord Kallazhagar or Lord Vishnu. There is festivity all around.

Last Updated on : 05 May 2011