Languages in Kodaikanal

Many languages in Kodaikanal are spoken due to its diverse resident and tourist population. The magical land with paradisaical beauty is one of the favorite destinations for the tourists and holiday makers.

Not only the tourists of the country, it has attracted foreign vacationers also. The residents of Kodaikanal are mainly Tamils but there are also people from different states as well.

Being a prominent part of the country, Kodaikanal is the home to many people coming from various parts of the country. Thus it witnesses the use of languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Kannad etc. Apart from Tamil, other Dravidian languages are also spoken in the lovely town.

Tamil Nadu is one the states that have a huge population, which speaks fluent English. Kodaikanal is no exception to this trend and the presence of foreign visitors has popularized the use of the language.

Last Updated on : 05 May 2011