Jobs in Kodaikanal

The new commercial scenario of the city has brought a lot of Jobs in Kodaikanal. With the introduction of new industries and other commercial activities, one can have a huge job options in Kodaikanal.

Starting from engineering jobs, IT jobs, call center jobs, bio-technical jobs to nursing jobs, financial jobs - all types of jobs are available in Kodaikanal. In addition to that, several top of the line academic and educational institutions have in established in Kodaikanal, which has increased the options of teaching and training jobs.

Apart from tourism and a small amount of revenue coming from coffee plantations and other agricultural products, Kodaikanal was lagging behind other cities of the state. The government and the town authority soon realized the importance of industrialization and education. Industrial houses were invited to build industries and resulted in the creation of more jobs in Kodaikanal.

Last Updated on : 05 May 2011