Real Estate in Kodaikanal

With the introduction of new industries and the city's emergence as an educational hub, real estate in Kodaikanal is going through a booming phase.

Due to the thriving scenario of real estate in Kodaikanal, many real estate agents, property dealers, engineers, construction companies, suppliers, architects, interior decorators and builders are getting regular businesses.

The serene and picturesque hill station of Kodaikanal has changed a lot in the recent years. Although it has managed to retain its natural charm, it has witnessed huge developmental activities. The local companies and people involved in real estate are working tirelessly.

The huge market that has opened up in the recent years, has invited real estate companies from all over the state to Kodaikanal. Even outstation based famous real estate organizations have joined the bandwagon to build residential complexes, hotels, theme parks and shopping malls in Kodaikanal. With all these activities going on, a new Kodaikanal is on the making.

Last Updated on : 05 May 2011