Banks in Kodaikanal

Banks in Kodaikanal provide essential monetary services to both the local inhabitants and the foreign tourists.

There are several banks located in and around Kodaikanal that are efficient in offering prompt services to their customers. While some of the banks of Kodaikanal are nationalized some others are private ones.

The nationalized banks situated in Kodaikanal offer centralized fiscal services to the people. Being a significant part of the infrastructure of Kodaikanal these banks operate on a multi-dimensional level. Central Bank of India is one of the prime banking institution of Kodaikanal which provides best of the financial services to the people. Being located in the Law's Ghat Road of Kodaikanal, Central Bank of India is easily accessible.

Union Bank of India is another nationalized financial institution which is situated in Naidupuram area of Kodaikanal. This bank is also known to offer 100% error-free banking services to the people of the place with utmost care.

The branch of State Bank of India in Kodaikanal is placed in the Anna Salai area and is visited not only by the local people but also by those coming to visit the place from other locations.

Since State Bank of India is known to facilitate all possible monetary transactions, hence most of the inhabitants of Kodaikanal prefer to have a savings or current account in the institution.

While Indian Bank of Kodaikanal is located in central position of the city, the CLS book shop complex of the place houses the Canara Bank branch. Both the banks are regarded as reliable and fast monetary service providers.

Kodaikanal Urban Bank is another prominent financial organization which caters to the diversified fiscal demands of the people of the place.

As a whole the banks in Kodaikanal make strong service platform on which multi-faceted monetary functions are taken care of.

Last Updated on : 05 May 2011