Industries in Kodaikanal

Industries in Kodaikanal primarily consist of the tourism sector which is considered as one of the most profitable ventures of the place.

Receiving huge number of tourists from all parts of India and other countries the tourism industry of Kodaikanal boasts of a sizable amount of revenue being generated in the place. The industries of the place have a major role in strengthening the overall infrastructure of Kodaikanal.

A fabulous hill station located on the Western Ghats, Kodaikanal is brimming with an infinite array of scenic pleasures. From east to west and north to south the ecstatic natural beauty of Kodaikanal enchants the tourists from a very long time.

From the famous Kodai Lake to the Bear Shola Falls, Kodaikanal is never short of enigmatic touristy appeals. Due to such abundance of attractions, the tourism industry of the place has developed beyond leaps and bounds.

Today, Kodaikanal is not only a major point of interest in South India but also has become an inevitable part of global itinerary.

People who come to visit the various states and cities of India from other nations frequent to Kodaikanal because of its immense appeal. This in turn leads to earning of foreign exchange for the place.

One of the by-product of the tourism sector which has emerged as another important industry of Kodaikanal is the hotel segment. In order to provide best of the world-class comfort to the tourists several hotels have been established on the land of Kodaikanal.

All of these hotels are always full with both local and foreign tourists. Also, the employment opportunities have also been increased ever since the hospitality industry started functioning in Kodaikanal.

Industries in Kodaikanal with a flourishing commercial interest consistently encourages the core economic platform of the place.

Last Updated on : 05 May 2011