Resorts in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is one of the most visited hill stations in south India. There are several resorts in Kodaikanal which cater to the plethora of holidaymakers visiting this hill station.

It has a paradisaical landscape where the woolly clouds hover over the vegetated mountainside with a purposeful indolence. Hordes of tourists flock to Kodaikanal to have a breather from their everyday platitude and stress.

Visitors consider the resorts of Kodaikanal as the lap of luxury in Kodaikanal. They have been designed with complete regard to aesthetics and offer a multitude of services second to none. Sprawling lawns with their own private grounds with a plethora of blooming flowers and well trimmed grass accentuate the beauty of the resorts.

The regalia and splendor of the Kodaikanal resorts is quite awesome. The general tariffs vary from eighty to three hundred U.S. dollars per night.

The resorts of Kodaikanal redefine all preconceived notions of comfort and luxury. The resorts offer the best services that money can buy. Plush rooms with elegant interiors offer a breathtaking view of the panoramic vistas.

The resorts are endowed with provisions for some adventure sports and also abound in entertainment facilities.

They also boast of fine multi cuisine restaurants that rustle up culinary delights for the connoisseur of good food.

Among the resorts that dot Kodaikanal's landscape, Hotel Paradise Inn and Hotel Sterling Lake View are excellent as far as service and hospitality are concerned. Their rates vary from twenty dollars to eighty dollars per night.

Last Updated on : 05 May 2011