Highland Parade

Located amidst the rolling hills and picturesque valleys, the Highland Parade resort in Kodaikanal can never be overlooked. Rated as one of the best among all the resorts in Kodaikanal, the Highland Parade has succeeded in remaining detached from the bustling crowds and pollutions of modern civilization.

Apart from the impressive collection of flora and fauna at the Resorts garden, the Kodaikanal Highland Parade Resort is circumscribed by lush forests. Fine tuned with nature, the Highland Parade Resort of Kodaikanal is located very near the important tourist locations of the region.

The rooms at the Highland Parade Resort are pleasant and charming. With windows overlooking the scenic beauty outside, each rooms have their private view points. There are different categories of room at the Highland Parade Resort which includes the Gold, Silver, Diamond and Platinum blocks. All these rooms have different variations in the amenities provided, but all of them assure comfort and a scenic view.

The Highland Parade Resort in Kodaikanal has a multi- cuisine restaurant which is called the Highland Rock. This restaurant serves delicious dishes with the sole intention of satisfying the taste buds of their guests.

The Highland Parade Resort in Kodaikanal offers a number of facilities to its boarders. These include:
  • Telephone in rooms
  • Doctor on call
  • All major Credit cards accepted
  • Assistance from the Travel Desk
  • Garden and Play Area for children
  • Rear end view point
  • Meditating point
  • 24- hour hot and cold water
  • Suite room, deluxe with 4 beds
  • Color television in rooms
  • Satellite channels
  • Room service
  • Laundry Service

Last Updated on : 05 May 2011