Kollam Police

Kollam police is entrusted with the responsibility to look after the safety and security of the residents of Kollam city. Kollam Police has been ensuring the safety and security of the Kollam inhabitants since 1949. They continue to provide protection to all categories of people who inhabit and visit the city. The Superintendent of Police leads the police force of Kollam. One can contact him at 0474-2742656. In case of emergencies, the people can dial the following numbers:

  • Police Control Room: 100 or 0474-2742072
  • Crime Stopper: 1090

Quilon police or Kollam police plays a very distinctive role in the society by securing the life and property of the people. They work round the clock and are always available at people’s service. The police of Kollam work tirelessly for controlling the anti-social activities taking place in the society. They perform a number of other important functions such as:

  • Protection of basic rights of the individuals.
  • Ensuring freedom of movement for the residents of Kollam.
  • Controlling of drug trafficking.
  • Playing an active part during the time of election.
Highly modern technologies like close circuit cameras have been installed at various important locations of the city to keep a strict vigilance from the police control room. This helps in the maintenance of strict law and order in the city of Kollam.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011