Road Transport in Kollam

Road transport in Kollam is one of the best options available for the tourists to explore this city and the surrounding tourist attractions. The small city of Kollam is served by well paved network of roads, which cut across the length and the breadth of the city. The road transport system at Kollam is well developed and efficient.

Kollam road transport enables the tourists and the residents of this city to travel with comfort and ease. KSRTC operates a fleet of Deluxe, Express and Fast Passenger buses, which ply within the city as well as connect various important tourist destinations. These buses operate at frequent intervals. Bus service from Kollam to Thangasseri, a well known sea side village is available every 15 minutes. Buses also ply frequently from Kollam to Myannad, a nearby tourist attraction noted for its shrines and temples.

Numerous arterial roads in Kollam connect the city center, Chinkada to other major areas within the city like Bishop Jerome Nagar area, S N College area, Ayathil junction, Taluk office junction and the Chemmamukku junction. Over bridges in the critical junction points within the city facilitate easy movement of public transport. National Highway 47 (NH-47) passes through Kollam interlinking the city to the neighboring areas.

Intricate network of roads in Kollam is a boon to the travelers who visit this city every year. Road transport in Kollam is a cheap and comfortable mode availed by most of the visitors.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011