Kollam by Train

Traveling to Kollam by train is one of the best ways of reaching the city from other parts of India. The trains to Kollam are generally boarded by people who travel to the city for business or leisure tours. The railway station of Kollam is actually one of the main stations in Kerala. The station is located at a distance of 1 kilometer from Chinnakada, the center of the town. The railway junction functions as a very significant stop for most of the super fast, passenger and express trains in the southern region.

Numerous express trains can be availed for reaching Kollam. These are maintained by the Indian Railways and can be boarded from almost all the major cities of India. Some of the best trains that run between Trivandrum and Kollam are:

  • Chennai Express
  • Raptisagar Express
  • Guruvayur Express
  • Amritha Express
  • Nizamuddin Express
  • Mangalore Express
  • Malabar Express
  • Bangalore Express

From Mumbai, trains such as Netravati Express and Kanyakumari Express offer good services. Passengers can also avail Kerala Express and Himsagar Express from New Delhi.

The majority of people in India prefer to reach Kollam by train as this means of transportation is quick, reliable and convenient.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011