Manaltheeram Resort

Manaltheeram Resort is an exclusive beach and ayurvedic resort on the golden sands on the Kovalam beach. The Resort has 37 luxury cottages classified as special and ordinary with many sea facing rooms. All the cottages of the Resort are equipped with various types of modern amenities including attached baths with hot water, safe deposit lockers, ceiling fan, telephones, mail and message handling etc.

The Manaltheeram Ayurveda Village rejuvenate your body and soul at the ayurvedic center. Some of the ayurvedic packages offered by the resort are:

  • Dhara (Thakra Dhara & Ksheera Dhara) is a 14 days package which is a technique of pouring medicated milk, herbal oils, medicated butter milk etc., on the forehead through a special method for nearly 45 minutes a day.

  • Nasyam is the ayurvedic method of applying herbal juices, medicated oils etc., through nose for 7 to 14 days.

  • Dhanyamla Dhara is the method of pouring warm herbal liquid all over the body in a rhythmical way. The herbal liquid is poured through a special vessel for a duration of 45 minutes to 1 hour daily.

  • Snehapanam is very effective for the treatment of diseases like osteoarthritis, psoriasis, leukaemia etc. A type of medicated ghee is given for a period of 8 to 12 days.

  • Lepanam is applied for various types of inflammatory diseases in which medicated herbal paste is applied on the affected part.

  • Some of the other ayurvedic treatments offered at Manaltheeram Resort are Pizhichil, Abhyangam, Yoni prakshalanam, Njavarakizhi, Vasthi, Sirovasthi, Udvarthanam, Kizhi, Kativasthi, Urovasthi, Ksheeradhoomam and many more.

    Last Updated on 9/15/2011