Great Elephant Festival in Kovalam

Celebrated on a grand scale, the great elephant festival in Kovalam, speaks volumes about the old glory and royal grandeur of the state of Kerala. A three day annual affair, the great elephant festival of Kovalam is organized from the 9th of January to the 12th of January.

One of the prominent festivals of Kerala, the great elephant festival is observed with added enthusiasm and zeal. Representing the rich imperial heritage and cultural ancestry of the place, the great elephant festival draws several tourists from far and wide. The elephants are specially decorated with colorful garlands and necklaces to make them look attractive for the occasion.

Accompanied with traditional musical instruments, the elephants move round the city amidst the maddening crowd of the local indigenous population and tourists as well who are thrilled to see the tusked animal. A symbol of royal heritage, the native population seeks the blessings of the elephants. The great elephant festival offers the local inhabitants with an opportunity to feed the animals with their own hands.

The great elephant festival provides the animal lovers with a golden opportunity to experience the general habits of the tusked animal. The city of Kovalam organizes numerous fairs on this occasion that draws several tourists from far and wide. A living testimony of the rich traditional society, elephants occupy a special place in the social, cultural and religious life of the indigenous population of Kerala.

The great elephant festival in Kovalam displays the strong root of the local inhabitants with the traditional values and cultures that have percolated to the modern era. A great time to rejoice and indulge in merry making the elephant festival of Kovalam adds to the royal ambience of the region.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011