Zero Waste Resource Kovalam

The Zero Waste Resource Kovalam is one of the prestigious ongoing projects of the city that embarks on the proper utilization of resources and their efficient elimination. The waste management program is an under taking of the Thanal Conservation Action and Information Network. The group has its headquarters in the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram and is engaged in research and providing adequate support to capitalize the undertaken programs.

The program of Zero Waste Resource at Kovalam is a joint venture that is supported by the Department of Tourism in Kerala, the Venganoor Grama Panchayat, Kerala Hotels and Restaurants Association based in Kovalam and the Greenpeace, Global Alliance for Incineration Alternatives.

The center for Zero Waste Resource Kovalam trains and imparts knowledge to increase the awareness among the people on waste management and the environmental issues. The research based center is also engaged in innovating and propounding new ideas of material substitution.

The telephonic address of the Project Coordinator and the Press Officer of the Zero Waste Resource in Kovalam is given below::

Shibu K Nair
Project Coordinator
Phone: +919847189168

Priya Nayar
Press Officer
Phone: +919845493688

Last Updated on 9/15/2011