Coconut Groove Restaurant Kovalam

Kerala, sited in the southern extremity of the Indian subcontinent is popularly nicknamed God's own country owing to its stunning beaches, beautiful backwaters and exquisite lagoons. Kovalam is one of the paradisaical beaches of Kerala that is a rage with tourists. Consequently, the beach abounds in hotels and restaurants of which the Coconut Groove Restaurant Kovalam deserves special mention.

The Coconut Groove Restaurant is one of the popular beach front restaurants of Kovalam. Although, the exterior of this restaurant is not very impressive and closely resembles a shack eatery, the restaurant offers a fascinating view of the sea. It is indeed a delightful experience to watch the nimble movements of the diamonds of sunlight on the water during the day and the shimmering ripples that bear a close semblance to a mirage of quicksilver on a brilliant star studded night while swigging glasses of chilled beer.

The restaurant's menu however is impressive and the large footfall attests the quality of food served in its premises. The restaurant has 20 well spaced tables spread across a generous expanse so that the food can be consumed at leisure and the customers can be comfortably seated. An inimitable feature of the Coconut Groove Restaurant Kovalam is the large slabs of fresh fish as well as the pool that showcases a large variety of live sea fish that the customer can select to be cooked and also suggested his cooking preferences.

The restaurant plays live music and also sells compact discs to enliven the atmosphere. Candlesticks are placed on quaint tin stands to create a romantic ambiance.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011