Tours from Kovalam

The beautiful Kovalam Beach in the god's own country is a place to indulge in endless fun and excitement. A stay in this enchanting place will quench your thirst for more such adventures. The Tours from Kovalam will satisfy your crave for visiting the other magnificent places of the state. The most popular Tours from Kovalam include visits to the following places:

  • Varkala Beach
  • Sankhumugham Beach
  • Kerala Backwaters

    Famous for its Spa, the Varkala Beach is located at a distance 42 Kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram. Not only does the Varkala Beach attracts with its natural beauty but it is also a popular pilgrimage site of the state. The ancient Janardhan Temple present there is the venue for this huge gathering of pilgrims.

    Another popular trip from Kovalam is the Sankhumugham Beach. The wonderful beach is very near to the city's airport, which makes it extremely convenient for the tourists. The spacious beach is visited by hundreds of visitors every day. A children's park, an indoor recreational center and lovely restaurant make the the place more endearing.

    The Kerala Backwaters with its rejuvenating greeneries, fragrance of the wet soil, stretches of palm trees, endless rice fields and low flights of birds over the water is like a dream picture painted by the best of the artists. The beauty of the backwaters of Kerala is simply unparallel.

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    Last Updated on 9/15/2011