Places to Visit in kavaratti

The island of Kavaratti is a delight for all nature lovers. It is amongst the exclusive 36 corals of Lakshadweep. Away from the hassles of an industrialized and commercialized city, it provides a soothing atmosphere and natural picturesque view of to all tourists.

It has many tourist spots in the form of sandy beaches, coral reefs, coconut laden groves and mosques. Following are some of the tourist places in Kavaratti.

Places to See in kavaratti

Urja Mosque

It is amongst the most significant pilgrim center for Muslim devotees in Lakshwadeep. It was built by Qasim Muhammad Sheikh in the 17th century. His graver lies in the prayer place. It has beautifully carved wooden pillars and ceilings.

Marine Aquarium

It is a museum that attracts tourists towards its store of sharks. These sharks are put in closed glass compartments along with other sea creatures such as octopuses, sea cucumbers and anemones. It also consists of various types of shells and corals.

Desalination Plant

In May 2005, the city of Kavaratti witnesses the opening of India's first low temperature desalination plant (LLTD) on its grounds. This plant was then expected to produce 100,000 liters of potable water every day from the sea. It was established at a cost of $500,000 million. A trip to Kavaratti would give you a chance to explore this magnificent creation.

Lagoon and Beaches

They are ideal places for all kinds of water sports, swimming and simply basking in the sun. High quality equipment that has met with international standards is used for all water sport activities in Kavaratti. These include snorkels, glass bottomed boats, rowing and motor boats, equipment for wind surfing, scuba diving, para sailing and water skiing. All these activities attract water sports enthusiasts from all over the world to Kavaratti.

Dolphin Dive Centre

For all scuba diving enthusiasts, this place is a must visit in Kavaratti. This center offers scuba packages that conduct diving in coral reef places in the island. It also holds coaching classes for professional as well as first timers.

A person can also hire a glass bottom boat to check out the sea life, this region has to offer.

Ajara and Jamnath Mosque

They are yet another good pieces of historic architectural designed mosques in Kavaratti. They have wide and beautiful ceiling designed from driftwood.

Tourist Destination Near Kavaratti


It is amongst the largest lagoons of the Lakshadweep regions. It is known as a tuna fishing center constituting a tuna canning factory with an ice plant and cold storage facility. Other places to see here are the scientific Research Stations, Light house and private managed cottages.


It lies to the south of Kavaratti. It conducts water sport activities .The curved Koomel bay is the tourist hub that overlooks the islands of Pitti and Thilakkam.


Last Updated on : 17/09/2013