Facts on Lakshadweep

The facts on Lakshadweep provides a thorough overview of the Union Territory of India. Situated on the coast of Arabian Sea, Lakshadweep encompasses a total population of 60,595 (as per the census data of 2001). Endowed with an unparalleled natural scenic beauty, the Union Territory boasts of a rich biodiversity that adds to the charm of Lakshadweep.

Comprising mostly of the Muslim community, Lakshadweep depends on the traditional economic activities of fishing, coir making and cultivation of coconut. The origin of Lakshadweep can be traced back to the various historical legends most of which has been passed down the generation by word of mouth. The oral tradition of Lakshadweep tells us about the rich religious and cultural heritage of the island which has percolated to the modern era. Lakshadweep presents a harmonious blend of natural scenic beauty coupled with modern amenities. A conglomerate of thirty six exotic coral islands, Lakshadweep epitomizes the beauty of nature.

Capital of Lakshadweep

The capital of Lakshadweep, Kavaratti encahants and enthralls the tourists with its bewitching beauty. The golden sandy beach, crystal clear water of the Arabian Sea, tall coconut trees and the varied ecology that supports diverse biological species represents the beautiful coral reef island of Kavaratti.Golden sandy beaches, deep blue water and exotic landscape represents the beautiful capital of Lakshadweep, Kavaratti. One of the ideal place to spend some time in solitude or with family and friends, the administrative capital of Lakshadweep, Kavaratti is blessed with natural scenic beauty that enthralls and enchants the tourist with its bewitching beauty.

Endowed with the bounty of nature, Kavaratti offers its tourist with a plethora of adventure sports. Kavaratti is a perfect place for those who want some excitement in their life. The numerous water sports of Kavaratti provides the tourist with an opportunity to explore the sporting zeal and the sportsman spirit of the interested tourists. Some of the sports that the tourists can enjoy in the exotic beach resort of Kavaratti are swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Arabian sea or snorkeling.

The beautiful capital of Lakshadweep is blessed with many notable religious shrines that bears relics to the rich cultural traditions and historical legacies of the bygone golden era. The splendid mosques of Ajjara and Jamath reflect the architectural skills of the ancient craftsmen of the region.

Signifying the wide biodiversity of the region, Kavaratti boasts to present a rich variety of marine life with attractive coral reefs that adds to the charm of the place. The huge marine aquarium of Kavaratti provides the tourists with an insight into the unique aquatic life of the region.

Kavaratti has an immense scope for tourism industry. Fishing, coir making and cultivation of coconuts form the backbone of the developing economy of the region.

The capital of Lakshadweep presents the tourists with a harmonious blend of natural beauty coupled with modern amenities. The serene and calm surrounding of Kavaratti relieves the tourists from the strains and stress of daily life and fills them with an intense sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

State Symbols of Lakshadweep

Representing the rich biodiversity of thecoral islands, the Lakshadweep State Symbols reflects the unique traits of the biological species of rare plants, animals and aquatic life. The Butterfly Fish, the Soty Tern and the Bread Fruit represents the state symbol of the wide variety of animals, birds and plants respectively of Lakshadweep.