Lakshadweep Coral Reef

Marooned by the Arabian Sea from the rest of India, the Lakshwadweep Islands on the west of the Malabar coast sits pretty with its hidden treasures of natural beauty.

Lakshwadweep, which means a hundred thousand islands consists of a group of beautiful islands surrounded by lovely beaches, fringes of coconut trees and breathtaking landscapes. The beauty is enhanced by the presence of the Reefs in Lakshwadweep. The coral reefs of Lakshwadweep are found mostly in the following islands:
  • Agatti Island
  • Kadmat Island
  • Kavaratti Island
  • Bangaram Island
  • Kalpeni Island
  • Minicoy Island

The coral reefs in Lakshwadweep play the venue for varied activities. Most of the Lakshwadweep Islands are naturally decorated by white coral sands and large coral boulders in places are also seen. A walk along the coral reefs will be bring you closer to some live coral reefs. The Reefs in Lakshwadweep are inhabited by some rare sea weeds and plants. You can see the butterfly fish and parrot fish along with numerous other kind of fishes. Many known and unknown birds visit the reefs in search of food. Standing over the reefs, you can smell of the fragrance of the sea. Relax in a easy chair, sip in those delicious coconuts and enjoy watching the waves ricochet against the rocks. The Lakshwadweep Coral Reefs encourage a lot of activities like:
  • Snorkel Diving
  • Scuba Diving
  • Beach Volley
If you ever plan to make a holiday trip to a sea side island and enjoy and relax at the same time, then Lakshwadweep Islands should be your first choice.

Cheriapani Reef

The largest among all the Reefs in Lakshwadweep, the Cheriapani Reef has an area of about one hundred and seventy two Square Kilometers. The majestic Cheriapani lies between the global location of North latitude of 11°49' and East longitude of 71°43. The climate of Cheriapani remains more or less same throughout the year. It enjoys a moderate and pleasant climate.

The Cheriapani area is blessed with a massive lagoon, which forms the center of the tourist attractions. The tourists come in large number to visit this place and engage themselves in varied activities like fishing and diving. The greenish water is the breeding ground for numerous types of fish. The untouched appearance of the Cheriapani Reef brings in many birds, making it an ideal place for a bird watcher. The mangrove fringe, the lines of coconut tress, the live corals, the snowy sand and the calm atmosphere make the place a heaven on earth.

Stand in the edge of the sea and feel the pureness of the air. The water crashing against the rocks will sprinkle its water to welcome you in the paradisaical island of Cheriapani. If you are planning to visit the Lakshwadweeps, then Cheriapani must find its place in the list of preference.

Perumalpar Reef

Perumalpar is one the most beautiful but uninhabited islands of the Lakshwadweep group of islands. Although uninhabited, the Perumalpar Island is frequently visited by people from neighboring islands. The tourists also take a keen interest on the Perumalpar Island of Lakshwadweep due to its paradisaical landscapes.

The global location of the Perumalpar area lies between North latitude 11°10' and East longitude 72°04'.The Perumalpar is prominent with the presence of the Perumalpar Reef. The Perumalpar Reef is one of the exotic Reefs in Lakshwadweep and surrounded by long stretches of coconut trees. The silvery white sand makes the beaches of the Perumalpar Island a haven for beach hikers. The tranquil water near the shore is excellent for fishing. The presence of Tuna fish near the lagoon has made the region, a very popular destination for the neighboring islanders. The total area of the island is around eighty three Square Kilometers.

Perumalpar is gradually turning into a tourist hub, owing to its tourism potential. The perennial pleasing climate of the Perumalpar Island is a major reason for finding favor with the tourists. The peaceful green palm groves will create a soothing effect on your eyes and mind. Sitting on the beach, you can relax and watch the colored waves of the sea and treat yourself with some delicious coconut water.

Cherbaniani Reef

The Cherbaniani Reef is one of the several beautiful reefs in the Lakshadweep Islands area. The geographical location of the Cherbaniani Reef in Lakshwadweep is between East longitude 71°52'60" and North latitude 12°18'0". Located at the west of the Malabar Coast, the Cherbaniani Reef stands among many other islands in the Arabian Sea. The Bassas de Pedro, a submerged atoll, lies close to the Cherbaniani Reef. The coral reef of Cherbaniani Island is one of the several Reefs in Lakshwadweep.

Lakshwadweep's Cherbaniani Reef is one of the emeralds of the blue sea and it will please any mortal with its sheer beauty. The Cherbaniani Reef has an extensive sandy side, which is an ideal track for a beach hike. One can find live corals while they trek along the sandy path. The shallow water near the reef is an excellent option for fishing. One can also get engaged in scuba diving. The Cherbaniani Reef is visited by a substantial number of tourists and fishermen. However one drawback of the Cherbaniani Reef area is the scarcity of drinking water. Otherwise it could have been a major tourist destination. Environmentalists and the authorities are trying hard to tackle this huge problem.

Last Updated on 02 April 2013