Madurai Transportation

Madurai transportation is an important part of the infrastructure of the city. The well maintained roads of Madurai facilitates smooth journey for the people. There is a good network of buses and autos that ply within the city of Madurai.

The central bus stand is located around 6 km from Madurai. All the long distance buses arrive and depart from this point as these buses are not allowed within the city premises. There are local buses which take the people to the main city. The fare is very cheap as it costs only Rs 2. Auto-rickshaws are also available. However, it is a little expensive and costs around Rs 50. Buses and autos are the main modes of transportation for getting around Madurai. Those on a pilgrimage can hire cars from the various rental agencies. The rates vary according to the type and make of the car.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011