Maps of Asia

If you want to locate any place in the biggest continent of the world-Asia, our maps are here to help you. brings you four political maps of Asia each focusing on the different zone of the Asian Continent. The four maps in this section include Asia Political Map, Central Asia Political Map, South Asia Political Map and West Asia Political Map.

Asia Political Map gives you a clear picture of all the important countries located on the continent. Different zones in the map are marked in red letters whereas all the important water bodies are marked in blue letters. Map of Central Asia show you the largest country on the continent-China. One can also spot Kazakhstan and Mongolia on the map. One can find India and its neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan to the South of Asia in the South Asia Political Map. The political map of West Asia will help you locate the countries to the West of Asia. One can see Kingdom of Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab emirates situated here among several other countries.

All these maps put together constitute the continent of Asia.