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Meghalaya Travel Map ASSAM BANGLADESH
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Meghalaya Tourism

In the tiny state of Meghalaya, it is an unending affair between the tall pines and the clouds. Hence comes the name "Meghalaya" - the abode of clouds. The British fell in love with the place and dubbed it as the "Scotland of the East'.

Three hills - Khasi, Jaintia and Garo dominate the landscape of Meghalaya. Meghalaya became a full-fledged state of Indian Union only in 1972. In that respect, Meghalaya is one of the youngest states in India.

As Meghalaya still lies away from the limelight, the land exudes a virgin charm around it. If you are dying for an idyllic escape away from the urban madness, travel to Meghalaya.

In Meghalaya you can breathe in the fresh mountain air, let your soul loose in gentle whisper of the tall pines. When did you last hear the babbles of a stream? Come travel to Meghalaya, the state has it all. Travel to Meghalaya to see the dazzling waterfalls plunging down the height of hills and to explore the labyrinth of undiscovered caves or to find the wettest land on earth, Cherapunjee, where it rains the most.

The quaint hamlets peep from the rugged terrains. Travel to Meghalaya to befriend the unassuming tribal folks leading an exotic life untouched by the modernities. As a striking contrast to the rest of India, the tribal society here is a matrilineal one. Visit Meghalaya during a tribal festival to take a peek into how myths and legends interplay with history and religion and see the simple folks revel in colorful festivities.

How to Reach Meghalaya

The hilly state of Meghalaya is tucked away in the hills of eastern sub-Himalayas. Meghalaya has one of the most beautiful landscapes in India where the nature has poured in abundance the gifts of rain and sunshine. The unending affair between smoky hills and clouds and vast stretches of lush green forest would unfailingly capture your imagination. Ever-hospitable colorful tribes lend it with a mystic charm.

By Air

Meghalaya does not have any airport. The nearest airport is at Guwahati, which is only 128kms from Shillong the capital city of Meghalaya. A helicopter service operates betweenGuwahati, Shillong (30 min) and Tura (60 min), which is convenient and economical. Some helicopters land at upper Shillong and others at Umroi Helipad in the downtown.

By Road

Road Network in the state is quite efficient and covers the state conveniently. National Highway 40 is an all-weather road running through the state. The road connects Shillong with Guwahati, which in turn is connected to other major cities in rest of the country.

By Rail

Meghalaya does not have any train service. The nearest and railway station is inGuwahati. TMeghalaya has very convenient road connection with Guwahati throughout the year.

Shopping in Meghalaya

Entire northeastern region in India has a truly rich tradition of handicrafts and Meghalaya is no exception. We can better say, in the lives of the tribes of Meghalaya weaving - be it cane or cloth - is an inseparable part. These exquisite handicrafts make for good shopping in Meghalaya.

Since Meghalaya has a huge forest area and abundant wood material therein since long past, the tribes of Meghalaya have developed a heritage of woodcarving and cane and bamboo work.

The woven cane mats and baskets of Meghalaya are famous for their durability while the fabrics have aesthetic floral designs. The artifacts may leave you spoilt for choice.

While shopping in Meghalaya, go on the look out for:

Wood-carvingPineapple fiber articles
Cane and bamboo workJewellery
Carpet and silk weaving

You can't find up market commercial plazas in Meghalaya, but the local bazaars would offer you a delightful shopping in Meghalaya. The Government Emporia have fairly good presence all over the state.

Places to Visit in Meghalaya
intia Hills
  • Jowai
  • Garo Hills
  • Nokrek Peak
  • Tura Peak
  • Balpakram
  • Imilchang Dare
  • Tetengkol
  • Bok Bak Dobhakol

  • Last Updated on : February 27, 2020