Meghalaya Cities

Meghalaya cities are the most important part of Meghalaya tourism. The cities of Meghalaya help the tourists to get a vivid picture of the prevalent custom and tradition of Meghalaya.

The cities at Meghalaya form the major attraction in Meghalaya tourism. Through a brief tour of the cities in Meghalaya, one can get an idea about the language, religion, traditions, custom, dress, food and other cultural aspects of Meghalaya.

An estimate of the important cities of Meghalaya is provided below:

  • Shillong - Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya, and is known throughout the world for its scenic beauty. Shillong is known as the 'Scotland of the East'. The enchanting hills, scintillating rivers, charismatic valleys and marvelous climate provides an excellent site for the tourists to relish on the beauty of nature. Besides, the tourists destinations present in and around Meghalaya also provides wide opportunity for tourists to tour around the city. Among the important destinations in Shillong are:
    • The Shillong Peak
    • The Central Museum
    • Bishop's Fall
    • Beadon Falls
    • Ward's Falls
    • The Kyllang Rock
    • Sohpetbneng Peak
    • Botanical Garden
    • Lady Hydari Park
    • Shillong Cathedral
    • State Museum
    • Elephant Falls
    • Crinoline Falls
    • Dwarksuid
    • Diengiei Peak, etc.


    Cherrapunji City
    Cheerapunjee is situated at about 56 kilometers from Shillong. It was the wettest place of the world; but, it ranks as the second rainiest place, with an annual rainfall recording 2,300 centimeters. Moreover, Cheerapunjee is famous for housing the limestone caves and also for Orange honey. Some of the important tourists sites in Cheerapunjee are:
    • Noh Kalikai Falls
    • Kshaid Dain Thlen Falls, etc.
    Cheerapunjee which is popularly known as Sohra is situated 56 kms far from Shillong. Cheerapunjee holds the record of receiving the heaviest rainfall in the world. The vibrant look of Cheerapunjee could be seen during the rainy season as because it is the time when nature plays its best in the heart of Cheerapunjee.

    Cheerapunjee used to be the headquarter of the Khasi and Jaintia community. But they shifted their base from Cheerapunjee to Shillong in the year 1864 due to the problems that Cheerapunjee used to face in the monsoon season.

    Cheerapunjee of Meghalaya has numerous places to allure the tourists. Dain Thlen Falls, Mawsmai Falls, Sngithiang Falls, Kynrem Falls, Mawsmai cave, Living Root Bridge, Thangkharang Park are some famous destinations for tourists. Cheerapunjee is famous for its beautiful water falls. Cheerapunjee contains a number of water falls that undoubtedly makes this place a perfect tourist destination. The journey for visiting the water falls of Cheerapunjee starts with the Dain Thlen Falls which lies 5 km away from the road leading towards Cheerapunjee. The Mawsmai Falls which is also known as Noh Sngithiang Falls is basically a number of water falls which is falling downwards to a canyon. The Non Kalikai Falls is one of the beautiful water falls of Cheerapunjee and the highest one of Meghalaya.

    The Mawsmai cave of Cheerapunjee offer the tourists a mysterious experience. Thangkharang Park of Cheerapunjee is another tourist destination which offers a charismatic view of the nature. This panoramic view is created by the majestic Kynrem Falls and steep cliffs. Another tourist destination, the Living Root Bridge, is situated in the Nongriat and Laitkynsew villages. Thus Cheerapunjee in Meghalaya is a must visit place for all the nature lovers across the world.


    Tura, situated at the foot-hills of Nokrek, is the headquarters of the West Garo Hills. The Tura peak, situated about 2,500 feet from the main town, forms the major attraction of the tourists in this city of Meghalaya. Meghalaya tourism has emerged enormously in the last couple of years. The natural beauty of this state along with its collection of floras and faunas has given a new dimension to the north eastern tourism. Meghalaya is a beautiful place to spend some quality time in the midst of nature. The tranquil nature of Meghalaya helps to get back a new life far away from the hustle-bustle of the city life.

    One's visit to Meghalaya would not be complete without a visit to Tura. The Tura peak is located 2,500 feet above the Tura city and 872 m above the sea level. Tura of Meghalaya offers a vibrant look of the nature to the tourists.

    The Tura Hill has a charismatic power to attract the attention of the tourists. The pollution free pleasant weather of the hill in coordination of the natural beauty has given this place a flamboyant look. One can enjoy the best time in Tura between the months of October to March.

    Tura sightseeing counts a number of places which are located far away from the hostile life of the city.

    The Naphak Lake is situated 112 km far from Tura which is a very well known tourist destination. The beautiful river Simsang flows by the side of the lake which gives a picturesque beauty to this place. Fishing facility is available for the visitors there. People can watch numerous kinds of local and migratory birds by the side of the river and the forest nearby. The famous Siju caves are also located near this place.

    The Balpakram national park is another notable place which is situated 167 km far from Tura. A myth about this park is that this is the homeland of spirit and they move around the place until they finally leave the world and start their journey towards the heaven.

    A journey to Tura is enough to sweep away all the worldly tensions.


    Mawsynram is situated about 56 kilometers from Shillong and is famous for the gigantic stalagmite formation, which is shaped like the 'Shivlinga'. This 'Shivlinga', housed in a cave called 'Mawjymbuin', attracts thousands of devotees, who come to this place to witness the great boon of nature.


    Baghmara is one of the most significant commercial town in Meghalaya. The original name of this town was Konagittim which was replaced with Baghmara by the Bengali citizens of the town who named it so after the name of its founder Pa Balman A Sangma. Baghmara is also the district headquarters of South Garo Hills.

    Baghmara in Meghalaya is located on the right bank of Simsang river in the district of South Garo Hills. The commercial town of Meghalaya shares an international border with Bangladesh and is 122 kilometers away from Tura and 445 kilometers away from Shillong.

    The business center of Baghmara at Meghalaya is known as Chimonganli. It is also known as Bong Bazaar because Pa Balman A Sangma, who was dubbed as Bong, had started trading agar wood here. Baghmara was known for its trade center. Though after partition, the trade at the trade center has been affected, but a small market is organized on every Tuesday at the same place. Now a days, the market is renowned for the fish that are caught from the Simsang river.

    The most exciting feature of Baghmara of Meghalaya is that even after losing all the natural glory in the east after partition (as that area now falls under Bangladesh), the town has not lost its spark. Baghmara Meghalaya is one of the only towns in the state to have all the modern amenities such as veterinary hospitals, middle schools, colleges, post office, general hospitals, high schools, etc.

    For tourists the small town of Baghmara at Meghalaya offers its scenic picturesque locales which comprise of hill tops, dense vegetation, water falls, rivers and lakes. Moreover, you can also check out the culture and traditions of the Garos for whom Baghmara is a socio-cultural center. You can catch a bus or hire a private cab from Tura or Shillong to reach the small town.


    Jowai is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Meghalaya. Jowai at Meghalaya is located on the Shillong-Silchar national highway which is only 64 kilometers away from Shillong. The whole town of Jowai in Meghalaya is surrounded by River Myntdu thereby adding charm to its beautiful surrounding. Further, being the district headquarters of Jaintia Hills, the town has almost all the modern facilities such as post office, hospital, etc.

    Apart from the scenic wonder, Jowai of Meghalaya provides you with some very special tourist spots which are a must visit place in Meghalaya. They are listed below :
    • Syndai : It is famous for the caves and caverns which had served as the hiding place during war between Jaintia kings and the foreign tribes.

    • Thadalaskein Lake : One of the very famous lakes of Meghalaya, it is believed to be built by the followers of Sajjar Niangli, who was a general of the Jaintia Kings but had revolted against the king, with bow ends to mark the escape of the whole community from the Jaintia kingdom.

    • Nartlang : The very famous rock structures built in memory of the ancient warriors by Mar Phalungki attract thousands of tourists every year. These monoliths reflect the history of megalithic culture of the people of Hynniewtrep tribe.
    So visit Jowai Meghalaya and get swayed away in the magnificent natural beauty of the place. You will also get a deep insight into the life of the local Jaintia tribes that live there. Moreover, you will be left with some of the most cherishing memories as the wonderful charm of Jowai is matchless.


    Nongpoh offers a pleasant ambiance along with some eye-catching scenery all around. The place is one of the finest tourist destinations of Meghalaya. Nongpoh is also the district headquarters of the district of Ri-Bhoi. The small town has been at one point of time, the shelter for travelers traveling to Shillong. The dark and dense woods surrounded with water from rivers and lakes flowing across it offer a mesmerizing view of the nature which cannot be witnessed anywhere else.

    Nongpoh at Meghalaya is located 53 kilometers away from Shillong. You can take up any local transport from Shillong to reach Nongpoh in Meghalaya. The nearest airport to Nongpoh is Guwahati airport and nearest railway station is Guwahati railway station.

    The main attractions of Nongpoh in Meghalaya are listed below :
    • The Orchid Lake Resort : The best venue to explore the beauty of nature. The place offers a calm environment to rest. The place hosts a garden of orchids with various species on display.

    • The Road Side Market : It is one of the major attractions at Nongpoh. The market hosts stall on fruits, vegetables, flowers, birds and many other things. People from far away places come and visit the roadside market.

    Apart from the above, the most important attraction at Nongpoh due to which tourists throng it very year from all across the globe is its serene locality. Nongpoh Meghalaya is a natural paradise with different species of flora and fauna and the fumbling sound of water bodies including the lakes and rivers echoing in its calm valley. You can visit Nongpoh of Meghalaya during any time of the year.


    Nongstoin is the district headquarters of the West Khasi Hills. The town is famous among tourists due to its picturesque locale which is surrounded by magnificent jungles, water bodies such a lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

    Nongstoin at Meghalaya is just 93 kilometers away from Shillong. The town is very well connected with Shillong through roads. The nearest airport is Barapani Airport at Shillong. Guwahati railway station is the nearest railway station. From Guwahati, you can take up a bus to Shillong from where you can take up any local transport to Nongstoin.

    The main tourist attraction at Nongstoin of Meghalaya are listed below :
    • Embroidery Stone : Nongstoin of Meghalaya is renowned for a stone which produces color of natural embroidery. The stone is exclusively available in Nongstoin.
    • Nongkhnum Island : It is the second largest island of Asia and is situated only a few kilometers away.
    Other important attractions at Nongstoin are the towns of Ranikor, Jakrem and Shillong peak. Nongstoin Meghalaya offers a plenty of opportunities to relax amidst the natural flora. The town has a dense forests and is a perfect spot to take a walk out in the evening.

    Cloth manufacturers or those who have to work on embroidery visit Nongstoin at Meghalaya for the embroidery stone. Of late, the city has attracted several tourist towards its magnanimous beauty. There is no particular time when the glorifying beauty of Nongstoin is dull, hence you can visit the small town during any part of the year.


    Shillong City
    Shillong was crowned as the capital of Meghalaya in the year 1972. The Meghalaya capital Shillong is full of beauty, serenity and tranquility. Shillong is a place for ultimate romance and thus has become a popular tourist destination across India as well as the entire world.

    Shillong is a place where festivals and celebrations are always on. The events and festivals of Shillong vary from each other due to the variation in the caste and ethnicity of different communities. The Khasi people enjoy festivals like Ka Pomblang Nongkrem, Shad Sukmynsiem etc. whereas, Behdiengkhlam is a famous event of the Jaintias. The Sun Festival of the Garos is known as Wangala. Good Friday, Christmas, New year Day, Easter, etc, are celebrated every year with great pomp and splendor.

    The Gunner's fall, Spread Eagle Falls, Elephant falls, Sweet Falls and Crinoline Falls are some beautiful falls located in this city. The beauty of these lakes attracts visitors from distant lands. Ward Lake is one of the most visited lakes of Shillong which is said to have been constructed by a Khasi prisoner. The botanical garden is located near the Ward lake. The Barapani lake is another beautiful lake in the heart of the city. These lakes of Shillong somewhere resemble to the lakes of Kashmir.

    The Shillong peaks on the top of the hills are always covered with fog. Dingei Hill, Sohpetbneng Peak, Dumpeep Peak are some beautiful peaks who appear with their gigantic structures. The Fog clad Shillong Peak which is visible from the city is a beautiful peak of Shillong. The state Meseum, Fruit Garden, Golf Course, State Central Library, Deer Park and the Churches of Shillong are some other notable tourist destinations.

    The prospects of Shillong tourism has also improved remarkably over the last couple of years.

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