Meghalaya Food

The main Meghalaya food comprises of rice along with fish or meat preparations. In fact, rice is the staple food of the people of Meghalaya.

To begin with the food of Meghalaya, the food crops of Meghalaya are rice and maize. Many fruits, which form an important part of the food in Meghalaya, are grown there. Among the important fruits grown in Meghalaya are oranges, guava, pineapples, bananas, lemon, etc. The food and fruits grown in Meghalaya largely influence the eating habits of the people of Meghalaya.

In this context, it can be said that the people of Meghalaya have a very liberal food habit. Ranging from rice and maize, food at Meghalaya comprises of millet, tapioca, etc. Besides, the people of Meghalaya rear goats, pig, ducks, fowls and consume their meat. Furthermore, the inhabitants also eat the meat of bison, deer, wild pigs, etc. Fish, crabs, eels, prawns, dry fishes also form a major part of the food in Meghalaya.

Moreover, the people of Meghalaya practice 'jhum' cultivation; and the yields from these jhum fields form a integral item in the food of Meghalaya.

A characteristic habit of the people of Meghalaya is chewing Betel leaf and unripe betel nut. In fact, after eating the main course of food, people in Meghalaya prefer having betel leaf, along with dried tobacco and lime.

In Meghalaya, a special kind of beer is prepared from fermented rice. The rice beer is prepared by fermenting the rice, and then distilling it. The use of rice-beer is most prevalent during the various religious ceremonies.

Thus, it is evident that the Meghalayan food is a typical Meghalaya cuisine with its own innovations and delicacies.

Last Updated on : 14/06/2013