Margao Shopping

Margao shopping can be done from the reputed shopping centers and curio shops in the city as well as the local bazaar in Margao. The tourists may gather collectibles which can be carried home as memoirs of their trip to the city of Margao.

The gifted artisans of Margao are reputed for their bamboo work, crochet work and shell work. The talented craftsmen are reputed for the carved furniture as well. The tourists may gather brass ware and trinkets from the local bazaars of Margao.

The local bazaar of the city is situated along the railway station and stretches to the fringe of the main square in the city. The tourists may purchase articles from the local bazaar at a good bargain. The handloom materials and articles are available at the Goa Handicrafts Industries Development Corporation emporium situated in the city of Margao. The tourists will find shops and stalls along the beaches as well. The Colva beach is thronged by tourists who purchase souvenirs from the stalls. Beach wear and bath suits are also available in the stalls at the beach.

Last Updated on 20 September 2011