Accommodations in Mizoram

Mizoram is gradually emerging as a top tourism destination and with that requirement for decent accommodations in Mizoram is increasing. There are already several top of the line hotels, lodges, resorts, holiday homes and other types of accommodations in Mizoram. More accommodation facilities in Mizoram are in the making to meet the demands of the increasing number of tourists and visitors.

The general Mizoram accommodations can be classified into some categories:
  • Star Hotels
  • Lodges
  • Resorts
  • Government Lodges
  • Budget Hotels
Some of the Tourist lodges and hotels in Mizoram are:
  • Hotel Chief
  • Hotel Royale
  • Chalwlhna Hotel
  • Hotel Ahimsa
  • Tourist Lodge, Chaltlang
  • Kolasib Tourist Lodge, Kolasib
  • Tourist Lodge, Champhai
  • Traveler's Inn, Vairengte
  • Tourist Lodge, Zotlang, Lunglei
  • Tourist Lodge, Khawbung
  • Saiha Tourist Lodge
  • Saitual Tourist Lodge
These hotels and tourist lodges provide excellent service and amenities like:
  • Room service
  • Running hot and cold water
  • Laundry service
  • Bed tea
  • Air conditioning
  • Multi cuisine restaurant
The Mizoram hotels and lodges offer single, double and triple rooms. It also provides well equipped cottages and dormitories for large groups.

Lodges in Mizoram

The lodges in Mizoram provide excellent support to the gradually growing tourism sector of the state. The Mizoram lodges cater excellent services and provide latest amenities to its guests. There are a lot of private run lodges and several quality lodges managed by the government itself.

Some of the tourist lodges in Mizoram are:
  • Tourist Lodge, Chaltlang
  • Tourist Home, Lengpui
  • Kolasib Tourist Lodge
  • Bairabi Tourist Lodge
  • Champhai Tourist Lodge
  • Tourist Lodge, Zotlang
  • Wayside Facilities, Kutkawk, Hnahthial
  • Tourist Lodge, Khawbung
  • Tourist Lodge, Sangau
  • Tourist Lodge, Darzo
  • Cafeteria,Tamdil
  • Berawtlang Tourist Recreation Centre, Aizawl
  • Tourist Lodge, Thenzawl
  • Tourist Resort, Lengpui
  • Traveller's Inn, Vairengte
These Mizoram Lodges offer single rooms, double rooms, luxury rooms, deluxe rooms, VIP rooms, dormitories, triple rooms and cottages for its guests. The lodges of Mizoram serve its boarders well with facilities like round the clock room service, 24 hours hot and cold running water, breakfast, lunch and dinner, bed tea, laundry service, sight seeing tours, air conditioning rooms, multi cuisine restaurant, cafe and banquet hall.

Government Lodges in Mizoram

The Government Lodges in Mizoram has fulfilled the absence of top grade hotels in Mizoram. Owned and managed by the Directorate of Tourism of the Government of Mizoram, these Government Lodges in Mizoram provide standard accommodation facilities.

Apart from the capital city of Aizawl, the tourism department of the Mizoram government has successfully established lodges all over the state. Targeting the popular tourism destinations, the government has built these lodges to serve the tourists and visitors in the state. Some of the government-run lodges in Mizoram are:
  • Bairabi Tourist Lodge
  • Champhai Tourist Lodge
  • Lunglei Tourist Lodge
  • Saiha Tourist Lodge
  • Saitual Tourist Lodge
  • Tourist Lodge, Chaltlang
  • Berawtlang Tourist Complex
  • Tourist Home, Luangmual
  • Tourist Resort, Lengpui
  • Traveller's Inn, Vairengte
  • Kolasib Tourist Lodge
The main advantage of boarding at these government lodges is the reasonable prices they offer. The government lodges are no less beautiful or less equipped with modern facilities than the private ones. Like private hotels they also offer various type of rooms like single, double, VIP, triple, deluxe and dormitories. The Government Lodges in Mizoram is supported with well behaved staff and offer some usual and outstanding facilities.

Last Updated on : 27/06/2013