Activities in Mizoram

Tourist activities in Mizoram is encouraged by the picturesque landscapes, imposing hills, beautiful lakes, free flowing rivers, rich flora and fauna of the state. Mizoram is one of the significant states of the north eastern India and like its neighbors, it is a mountainous region. Activities like trekking, rock climbing, camping and mountain hiking are carried on these hilly areas.

The hill ranges are separated by deep rivers and magnificent valleys. The wonderful natural and man made lakes in Mizoram are the centers of a lot of tourist activities. Activities like boating, fishing and swimming are seen on these lakes. Trekking along the river banks, camping beside the lakes and water rafting are some more tourism activities in Mizoram. Plans have been sketched out to promote different water sports in several of the rivers and lakes of the state.

The wonderful landscapes of the region act as the perfect venues for picnics and bonfires. The tourism department of the state and the private tour operators organize nature and eco tours around the state. Mizoram boasts of some enchanting wild life sanctuaries and national parks like the Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary, Thorang Tlang Wildlife Sanctuary and Murien National Park. These places are a haven for nature lovers and wild life freaks. These places are ideal for jungle safaris and excursions.


Trekking in Mizoram is among the various tourism activities in the state. Attracted by its breath taking natural landscapes and trekking tracks, trekkers from all around the country visit the exotic locales of the state. The picturesque localities, friendly people, sleepy villages, Mountain Rivers and hilly paths provide enough excitement and enthusiasm for a memorable trek. Trekking in Mizoram involves some very difficult routes also. Some mountain routes are acutely steep, which may require a bit of rock climbing abilities. Some of the popular trekking areas in Mizoram are:
  • Varaingle
  • Aizawl
  • Thingdawl
  • Saiha
Trekking along the forests of Murlen, Thoran Tlang, Tawi, Rabung, along the rivers of the state and lakes like Rungdil and Plak is a completely different experience. Special permits are needed to trek in some extraordinary beautiful but protected areas. Some of the authorities that provide these permits are:
  • Indian Missions in the foreign countries
  • Home Commissioner, Government of Mizoram, Aizawl
  • FRROs in Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai.

With its exciting mountain ranges, sky touching peaks and lush green hills, mountaineering in Mizoram can be simply irresistible. With altitudes ranging from 1179 meters to 2157 meters, Mizoram has 21 mountain peaks. These peaks offer excellent opportunities for rock climbing and mountaineering.

One of the most visited peaks in Mizoram is the Phawngpui or the Blue Mountain Peak. It is the tallest peak in the state with a height of around 2165 meters. Blessed with the beautiful Rhododendron vegetations and rare orchids, the Phawngpui Peak in Mizoram is loved by the mountaineers and botany buffs.

The panoramic view of the valley from the top of the mountain is indescribably beautiful. The western portion of the peak has a semi circular cliff, which is known as Thalazaung Khamm. Local people believe that Thalazaung Khamm is a haunted place but despite that, it has emerged as a popular spot with the rock climbers. Like the Blue Mountain Peak, other peaks of the state like Mount Kahrie, and Mount Mawma are also visited by thousands of mountaineers every year.


Picnics in Mizoram can be fun with enchanting natural beauty all around graced with sky touching peaks, crystalline lakes, lush green surroundings and a pleasant climate. Some of the popular picnic spots in Mizoram are:
  • Paikhal
  • Bung
  • Tamdil Lake
  • Champai
  • Vantawang
  • Saiha Lake
  • Rungdil Lake
  • Rengdil Lake
  • Lad picnic spot
  • Palak Lake
The most visited picnic destinations in Mizoram are the Paikhal and Bung hill stations. These small but astonishingly beautiful hill stations are situated side by side to each other and perfect for a lovely day-out. They are located at a distance of 15 to 16 kilometers from the capital city - Aizwal.

Saiha and the Palak Lake are two other exciting destinations. The wonderful place and the picturesque lake together make a nice picnic package. Rengdil is an artificial lake in Aizwal. The lake is a hot bed of various activities like fishing, boating and serves as a lovely picnic spot. The Rungdil Lake is surrounded by lush green deciduous forests and provides an excellent venue for a fun filled picnic in the midst of nature. The Tamdil Lake is another wonderful venue for picnics. Anglers will love this place for abundance of fish in the lake's water. Picnickers and revelers also love Champai for its sheer beauty.

Last Updated on : 27/06/2013