Places to Visit in Mussoorie

Places to See in Mussoorie

Mussoorie is a well-known hill station in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is famous for its lush green hills and captivating scenic beauty. It has a number of tourist attractions. Here is a list:

Gun Hill

Category : Nature
As the second highest peak in Mussoorie, it is believed that in the past a canon was fired every afternoon, providing the time to the local residents, who then adjusted their watches accordingly. At present the location houses a water reservoir. Tourists can witness spectacular views of the snow capped peaks of Himalayas from the hill and it can be reached by taking a ropeway ride or by trekking.

The Christ Church

Category : Religious
Built in 1836, this church is believed to be the oldest in the Himalayas. Designed in Gothic style, the events in the life of Jesus Christ are illustrated in the stained glass windows in the Church. The church has an ancient William Hill organ, about 100 years old and the church vicinity has a deodar tree planted by Princess of Wales in 1906.

Camel's Back Road

Category : History & Culture
It is a stretch of approximately 3 km long road from Library point to Kulri Bazaar. The road got its name from its rocks shaped like a camel's hump. Surrounded by mountains and greenery, the road is known for its natural beauty and it offers beautiful views of sunrise, sunset and mountains. It's ideally used by locals for morning and evening walks. Horseback rides are also available on this road.

Lal Tibba

Category : Nature
The highest point in Mussoorie, this hill is also referred as Depot Hill. The Indian Military services are positioned at Lal Tibba. Broadcasting stations of All India Radio and Doordarshan are situated atop Lal Tibba. From here, sightseeing through the lens of an old Japanese telescope is possible. Beautiful views of sunrise and sunset can also be witnessed from this vantage point.

The Mall

Category : History & Culture
It's the main shopping location situated at the centre of Mussoorie, with lamppost and benches lined up beside the road. The mall gives a glimpse of the colonial period. One has to pass through the Mall to reach any place in Mussoorie. Apart from shopping, the main attractions of the mall are video game parlours, restaurants, skating ring, windy point and the Methodist Church.

Happy Valley

Category : Nature
The valley is well known for Tibetan Buddhist temple - Shedup Choepelling temple, the IAS Academy and the Municipal Garden. Situated on the western side of Library Point, the valley leads to Cloud's End, a tourist place where the borders of Mussoorie end and further on is the Hathipaon Park Estate. The valley is famous for its estates, gardens and temples.

Landour Bazaar

Category : History & Culture
The bazaar is situated on a steep slope and is a cantonment area. It's a total silence zone, thanks to the handwritten signs nailed on the trees. Free of pollution, one can recover from any stress with pure fresh air to breathe. Other famous landmarks of this place are the Woodstock School, St. Paul's Church, Landour Language school and Char Dukaan (four shops) which sells beverages and snacks.

Sisters Bazaar

Category : History & Culture
The bazaar got its name from the Nuns who served as nurses in the British dormitories in this area. The area is more like a residential colony with a few shops spread across. One can visit the famous confectionery shop of the Bazaar- "the Prakash Brothers Store". Other famous attractions are the residence of famous personalities like Dev Anand, Victor Banerjee and Tom Alter.

Kempty Falls

Category : Nature
It is the most popular tourist spots near Mussoorie: the waterfall plunges its way down from about 40 ft high. Usually a crowded spot, a visit to the falls is incomplete without bathing under it. The falls is losing its charm quite fast due to unorganized commercial visits by people.

Bhatta falls

Category : Nature
From Mussoorie one can access this place by hiring a taxi or take a bus till Balta Village. From the village the fall is just 3 km away by car or foot. It's an apt spot for picnic.

mple is located atop the Benog Hill and its presiding deity is Mata Durga. Surrounded by thick woods, it offers magnificent views of the Himalayan peaks and the Doon valley.

Tourist Destinations Near Mussoorie

From Mussoorie one can visits Dehradun (27 km), the capital of Uttaranchal, where there are lots of tourist attractions to explore within the city. Other hill stations near Mussoorie like Dhanolti (25 km), Kalsi (60 km) and Lansdowne (189 km) have also a lot more to offer to the tourist.

Pilgrimage spots like Rishikesh (68 km), Haridwar (78 km) and Paonta Sahib (73 km) attract tourist and devotees throughout the year and boast various other tourist attractions such as adventure sports and trekking. Rajaji National Park (48 km) is the closest wildlife destination where one can experience a variety of flora and fauna.

Last Updated on : November 2, 2016