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Travel to Pithoragarh

Pithoragarh Tourism

The bustling urban town, headquarters of the district, in the Soar valley at an altitude of 1645 meters lies amid the stark and rugged mountains. Four hills- Chandak, Dhwaj, Kumdar, and Thal Kedar- surround the town. River Kali flows in the south. The roads to Pithoragarh are some of the most treacherous in the Himalayas.

As Pithoragarh is close to the Chinese border at Tibet there are a lot of passes in the mountains which open to Tibet- Lipu Lekh, Belcha, Keo, Kungribingri, Lampia Dhura and Lawe Dhura are the important ones.

The town itself is the starting point for the Hindu pilgrimage route of the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, and other mountaineering expeditions to peaks such as Nanda Devi, Trishuli, and the Panchchuli ranges. In winter high Alpine meadows at Munsyari and Chhiplakot around Pithoragrah are popular skiing slopes.

The town has a number of hospitals, cinemas and hotels as it a stopover for travelers to mountaineering base camps and trekking routes. It also has a quite a few scenic spots and temples around it worth visiting.


Pithoragarh has a number of markets and shopping areas. You can buy trekking equipment, clothes, and Kumaoni craft items. The main markets are Naya bazaar, Simalgair, Dharamshala, Cinema line, and Purana Bazaar.

Places to see in and around Pithoragarh

  • Pithoragarh Fort- Its a Gorkha fort built in the 17th Century is just outside the main town. The fort is now a Government college.
  • Kapileshwar Mahadev- A cave temple of Lord Shiv is near Pithoragarh. The temple is 10 meters deep inside the cave. Another cave temple of Lord Shiv is at Rai.
  • Nakuleshwar temple- It is near the Pithoragarh town.
  • Mostamanu Temple- It is six km north of Pithoragarh. A fair is held here during Monsoons.
  • Kamaksha Temple- It is seven km north in an Army Cantonment base.
  • Chandak- Chandak is a good place to view the Soar valley. It is 7 km from Pithoragarh. There is an Ulkadevi temple and a war memorial here.
  • Temple of Arjuneshwar- This temple is dedicated to lord Shiv and believed to have built by Arjun of the Pandava. It is 10 km from Pithoragarh.
  • Thal- On the banks of River Ramganga it is in the Soar Valley 15 km away. The main tourist attraction is the ancient Thal Kedar Shiv temple atop a hill at 2000 m. It attracts a lot of devotee during Maha Shivratri. There is Hanuman temple too.
  • Totanaula- It is about 15 km has a Durga temple called the Jayanti temple atop a hill. The entire forest around the place is sacred.
  • Didihat- It is 50 km from Pithoragarh. You can get a good view of the Panchchuli ranges from here. There is an ancient Fort and temple here called the Shira Kot temple. These temples of Shiv and Bhairav are now in ruins.
  • Jhulaghat- It is a town on the Nepal border right on the banks of the river Kali. A hanging rope bridge connects it across the river and cross border trade takes place through this bridge.
  • Gangolihat- 77 km from Pithoragarh it is famous for its Kali temple and Chamunda Temple.
  • Patal Bhubaneshwar- A further 16 km from Gangolihat Patal Bhubaneshwar has a temple in an underground cave. The cave is a Shiva shrine and well illuminated. There are breathtaking limestone; stalactite and stalagmite formations in the cave.
  • Jauljibi- It is a small border village on the confluence of the rivers Gori and Kali about 68 km. The Bhotiya tribes sell woven woolen garments and other craft items at a fair held here annually.
  • Dharchula- It is 90 km from Pithoragarh. A picturesque village on the banks of the river Kali it is the last Indian village on the border with Nepal. It is the base camp for the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra organized annually by the Indian Government and jointly conducted by the Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam and Tourist Company of Ali in Tibet China. One can only go through a route chosen by the Indian and Chinese Governments. Another popular trekking route from Dharchula is to the Adi-Kailash or Om Parvat. There is a Narayan Swami Ashram here.
  • Munisyari- Its a small town at the foot of the Trishuli peak is about 128 km is the base for treks to the glaciers Milam; Ralam and Pindari valley. The place is an Alpine meadow or Bugyal and in winter the snow bound slopes are used for skiing.
  • Berinag- Its a scenic town 100 km from Pithoragarh is a good place to view the Himalayan Peaks. The town is at an altitude of 2010 meters and has a number of temples dedicated to Nag (snake) Devta. Chakori is a popular place for tourists further 10 km from Berinag. There are orchards and tea gardens here.
  • Bhagwati temple- Located at a small village of Belkot some distance away from Berinag is a famous attraction.
  • Skiing in winter is possible on the hill slopes around Pithoragarh. The Ski ranges are at- Khalia Top; Betuli Dhar and Chhiplakot.

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