What are the best ways to start the Journaling habit?

Journaling is the process of writing your thoughts down on a piece of paper. It is a process of maintaining the logs of your thoughts, feelings, day-to-day activities, or whatever you do in the whole day.

To build a habit of journaling, you have to figure out the type of journal you want to start and the purpose behind having it. 

There are many different kinds of journals that you can have. The first one is a basic diary where you can write about your thoughts or how your day went and everything in detail. It’s like a personal diary with a bundle of thoughts and feelings. This is one of the ways to maintain a journal.

Gratitude journal

Having a gratitude journal is one of the best journals that can change your life. You should write a gratitude list every single day, which keeps your mind positive. This journal is easy to maintain as all you have to do is take a notebook, write the date and write ten things you are grateful for every day. You should definitely mention the reasons you are thankful for. After writing, you should re-read them by saying thank you for each and everything. Trust me, and it helps you to gain so much positivity. It takes hardly 5 minutes to write down the things which you are grateful for. This daily habit can change your life.

Customised journals. 

Customised journals are easily available on Amazon and Flipkart. You can also customise your journal by yourself by creating different patterns and sections. For example, in one particular journal, you can have a section for gratitude. In others, you can write your goals for the day which you want to achieve. At the end of the page, you can write the one thing you learned on that day. You can also add your creativity to it, but you should have a simple diary to write if you’re a beginner. This will keep you in a habit. Many people start writing journals from the new year but leave it in the middle of the year. Writing a journal needs consistency. 

You should have a dedicated notebook to write in. Because if you write on different pages, you will end up misplacing them. It will get difficult for you to find those pages. If you are purchasing a notebook, make sure that it is easy to carry everywhere.

Set a time

Just set a time to write journals. Don’t think you can write whenever you’re free; you can pick up your notebook and diary. That’s not how it works. Set a particular time to write. The best time to write is at night before you go to sleep. The more regular you are, the more benefits you will have. 

You can maintain a journal for your goals and bad habits. For example, you can write ten bad habits you want to quit, and on the other, you can write ten goals you want to achieve. You should write about your bad habits there as it will help you to know yourself more. This is how journals work. 

Trust the timing, and at the end of the year, when you’ll write the last page of your journal, you’ll see a massive change in yourself.

So, stay consistent and keep writing!