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She belongs to Delhi. Her score in matriculation was above 85 percent and in 10+2 she scored close to 90 percent, enough to prove her intelligence. Last year she burnt midnight oil to clear the entrance and get admission in a course and college of her choice not only in Delhi but also in the neighboring States. To her surprise she couldn’t apply in most of the colleges in other States because of domicile system. [...]

Unauthorised Colonies in Delhi

Every time when Delhi elections are round the corner, the issue of regularising unauthorised colonies in the Capital is taken up by the Government and the political parties. It is estimated that approximately 40 lakh people i.e. more than 30 percent of Delhi’s population live in these unauthorised colonies that form a significant part of the vote banks of the petty politicians, who are intrinsically disabled from seeing beyond the end of their nose. But [...]

BJP Strategy in J&K Election

The 16th Lok Sabha elections 2014 were indeed different from the previous similar elections not only in results but the way the election campaigns were handled and executed. Social media played an extremely important role this time. It was extensively used and probably bypassed the traditional media. At the time of campaigning for general election 2014, among politicians, Narendra Modi’s official Facebook page was second only to Barack Obama in number of likes. He had [...]

Indian Black Money

Black money is quite a burning issue in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi keeps mentioning it in his speech. Today again he promised to bring back black money in a programme, ‘Mann Ki Baat,’ broadcast on All India Radio. Among all, one of the main agendas of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) during election campaign was to bring back black money deposited by Indians in foreign banks. Not only in 2014 but the BJP even [...]

Increase in Women Assaults

Safety and independence of women in India has always been in question. With an increase in the number of rape cases, it has become one of the most talked about issues in our country. Every now and then female instead of male is regarded as the reason for rape. Her clothes, her way of talking, going out at night, living alone are debated again and again. But it is the mind set of the society [...]

Street Children

Majority of us are blessed because when we return home from offices, colleges and schools there is a family waiting for us which takes away our tiredness. But all are not that fortunate. Many children in India are deprived off this feeling of family and home. We celebrate every occasion but wonder how street children spend their life and celebrate festivals. They spend their entire life near bus station, railway station, markets, on footpaths, streets [...]

Panchayati Raj System in India

Villages in India still have formal as well as informal form of local government. Formal government has more power and consists of elected members whereas informal works on traditional and religious lines of the region. Legal government comprised of local self government or Panchayati Raj. It is not a new but the oldest form of local governance in the political system of South Asia especially India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. It is clear through certain [...]

100 hours every year for swachh bharat mission

It seems that India is waking up. Modi’s government is touching all those chords of life which were important but had not been touched or ignored for so long. Amidst of all political developments, Government launched a noble and much needed campaign “Swachh Bharat” on October 2nd 2014 on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. This is an initiative to make India absolutely clean by 2019. Year 2019 will mark the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma [...]

Electric Mandolin Maestro U. Srinivas

The untimely death of ‘Mandolin’ U Srinivas has shocked the music world. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other eminent leaders and personalities expressed their grief over the irreparable loss. Mandolin player Uppalapu Srinivas popularly known as Mandolin Srinivas was the player and composer of the Carnatic music. He died on Friday in Chennai following a liver failure. He had undergone a liver transplant. Though recovering but complications arose on September 18 and he died on [...]

Except from the initial counting trends, it was clear that the stronghold of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) enjoyed by the party in Lok Sabha elections in May, was fading. After counting it became obvious that results of by-polls are far different from the results of Lok Sabha elections. Party’s performances in prime states viz UP, Rajasthan and Gujarat was far below the expectations, the same states where BJP had clean victory in Lok Sabha [...]