2020 Farewell to Some Amazing SUVs

Renault Duster 1.5 Diesel 4X4 and Ford Ecosport 1.0 Diesel Ecoboost Engine

Amongst the cars going away next year, are two Urban SUVs that have earned their respect, however limited the circles they be revered in. Sales numbers are sadly at the top of the decision making game and will be for as long as dreams are products that are replaced or bettered every day.

Come 2020 and some very popular cars though still relatively young and definitely not the opposite of beautiful will be pulled out of this matrix.

Renault Duster 1.5 Diesel 4X4

Though a huge market for SUVs, India still has a larger percentage of its driving population at quite a basic level of understanding of the passenger car segment. Hence the value of a modern 4×4 is only truly understood to those who’ve lived them and are well aware of the whole purpose behind their concept and the usability of the urban ones. In the case of the Renault Duster 4×4/AWD, both this and the investment to sales ratio are the main causes for the plug being pulled on its production. The AWD Duster has only managed to account for a sad five per cent of the flagship’s sale in the Indian market, and with the third nail – the BS VI mandate, Renault simply refused to redesign the engine dynamics of their existing 1.5 litre diesel. They are instead going to go with a brand new turbocharged 1.3 litre petrol variant for the Duster.

More than just a light off-roader, the Duster 4×4 was a value for money SUV that put a lot of its challengers to shame when reckoned with, on the rough outdoors. Its independent suspension setup conveyed an exceptional in car experience even on some of the most difficult terrain, and the four wheel drive demanded shorter gear shift intervals that further improved its response timing. In addition to everything the 4×4’s K9K edition engine was the best variant in the spec sheet and produced 110 horsepower. There would hardly be any customer unhappy with their Duster 4×4 and given the end of its production, parting with it would be all the more difficult. Service and resale however, being the least of their worries since the car will still continue for a few more years. The 4×4 badge devastatingly, shall no longer be a part of the new 1.3 petrol package.

Ford Ecosport 1.0 Diesel Ecoboost Engine

Driven by a 125 horsepower, 1.0 litre turbocharged ecoboost engine mated to a six speed transmission, the Ford Ecosport S shall be saying goodbye sometime next year as it will be replaced by an Ecosport with a Mahindra 1.2 litre turbocharged petrol engine. Among main reasons being the inability of the Ecoboost feature to provide any sort of relief on fuel efficiency specially in the mid range to high range of torque utilisation. The power delivery would surely not be one to disappoint, but the mileage of the Ecoboost model, when pushed on the road, would be disappointing. That and the fact that the company will not spend on making the already expensive engine design BS VI compliant. The BS VI mandate has raised the emission prevention course of action bar higher than ever, and some really good cars along with others who had discontinuation on their cards are all facing the end of their line regardless.

Despite the love and affection that the Ecoboost model has gotten in the last few years over digital media, one can’t deny that its easier to admire than to pay for something that a lot of people claim to be good specially when most of them would’nt shell out money for it either. Like the Ecoboost model, amounting to a sad fraction of the total Ecosport sales in the country in the last couple of years.

Good news is, that the Ecosport will continue to sell – even though with a different engine, and hence service and availability of parts shall not be a problem. With Ford’s huge dealer network spread across the country, spare part availability shall also not be too bothersome for Ford customers owning this particular model. Also, the company could very possibly be giving away the remaining few models at surprisingly low prices as a way of stock clearance. So Ford enthusiasts looking for a quick upgrade to an entry level SUV should grab this opportunity at owning this tough, reliable and adorable car.

Somehow, everything is being affected by the multi-faceted evolution of the Automotive sector. First sales, and now production specifications, and it’s all that manufacturers can do to stay afloat and manage to keep struggling ahead. Plenty of desirable cars will be going off the shelf and off production lines soon enough and we shall try and tell you about as many of them as we can.

2020 Farewell to Some Amazing SUVs
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2020 Farewell to Some Amazing SUVs
In the coming year 2020, the popular SUVs Renault Duster 1.5 Diesel 4X4 and Ford Ecosport 1.0 Diesel Ecoboost Engine are bidding adieu. Read the article to know in detail.