Aprilia’s 750 cc

Aprilia’s 750 cc
Aprilia’s 750 cc

Aprilia’s 750 cc

With the world of two-wheelers rapidly making its way deeper and deeper into the Indian automotive market, it was about time that the Italian game player Aprilia made a statement. And they are about to – a very serious one at that – with the launch of the 2014 Aprilia Shiver 750cc naked sports motorcycle.

Amongst the leaders in the mid power range of naked motorcycles, the Shiver 750 has a very “Italian” feel to it. Lean and bare is the new sexy and nowhere is this more evident than in the world of motorcycles, as we see some of the craziest forms and designs coming to life, and Aprilia has always been more than just “upto” the challenge. With its sharp lines and neatly trimmed edges, the Shiver is everything a naked super should be and completely in sync with the Indian riding scenario.

Be snipping through some of the worst traffic conditions, gliding effortlessly over the most terrible of roads, conquering the snaking ghat roads in the mountains or pasting knee downers on the track and other roads built upto a similar mark, the Shiver 750 seems built to handle it all.

Torque delivery at low rpms

Powered by a brand new ninety degree V-twin with one of the most advanced electronic systems, capable of delivering a power output to rival that of four cylinder engines in its class, and a much higher torque delivery at low rpms, the Shiver churns out 95 bhp at 9000 rpm and 8.25 Kgm of torque at 7000 rpm. With an unladen weight of 189 kg only, and a rigid mixed trellis aluminum framework, Aprilia’s 750cc bare child challenges every contender in its class and some even beyond on every parameter – be it technology and performance, design and styling, or riding comfort and quality, it appears to be game for anything and everything.

Refined levels of engineering, aggressive yet clean styling and brilliance in suspension and handling set the path for this 750cc mid range naked by a company that has in its belt, 250 championship victories.

The most important thing to understand about motorcycle riding is that unlike cars, where we are one unit inside another, the bike and its rider are a single unit. And the more comfortable a bike makes its rider, the better the sum total of their performance and riding experience. The compactness of the bike, right from its bolt on components like the tank, the seat and the tail end, to the side shock absorber and twin exhausts popping out from under the tail at the rear, assure an ease for the rider to merge with the bike and form a single high functioning unit, with symmetrical weight distribution and great agility in all riding conditions.

Aprilia motorcycles are known for their “best in class” chassis and the 750 solidifies this fact further with its innovative, intuitive and well structured one. The rigid, light weight frame allows for maximum harnessing of the V-twin’s power output.

The offset shock absorber, similar to that of Kawasaki’s Ninja 650, is both a cosmetic and a technical enhancement allowing for ample space for the bike’s exhaust manifold, without the fear of exposure to excessive heat. The aluminum swing arm is more than capable of supporting the uneven stress caused by the offsetting of the shock absorber and has been designed and sized with reinforcement truss, setting an entirely new standard in its class.

Hydraulically operated clutch 

The suspension is another added advantage with 43 mm upside down forks with forged feet that support radical calipers that clamp on to 320 mm dual front discs – same as the racing flagship models – for increased smoothness in the front, along with a 120 mm travel distance. Both the top and bottom steering yokes are made from forged aluminum. The rear employs a 245 mm disc with a single piston caliper, providing more than enough backup for the frontal arrangement.

Both the front and rear braking circuits are equipped with aeronautical metal braid hoses, that rid the system of pressure variations experienced with rubber brake lines, assuring that braking is at its maximum top notch deliverance.

The hydraulically operated clutch system provides for an amazingly smooth engagement and disengagement and is self adjustable. The handlebars are biconical and made from aluminum for lightness and great control under any conditions.

With the mid range sport segment now officially open in India, the Shiver’s introduction assures a promising future for the Italian motorcycle manufacturer in our market. Priced just under Rs10 lakh, the bike was received quite well at the 2014 Auto Expo.