ECU Remapping Improves Car’s Performance

ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping

Modern vehicles contain a small computer that controls how the engine works. Depending on the make, model and type, different vehicles have different on-board computers with size and function varying according to the technology being used to run the engine and its capacity along with controlling a number of other technological aspects of the vehicle. These computers are also known as ECUs or Engine Control Units.

A popular trend that has been around for quite a while in the West and has slowly spread its roots deep into the Indian automotive aftermarket is of being able to harness the maximum potential of an engine by rewriting the software that governs its functions in minute detail.

Vehicle remapping 

Most vehicle manufacturers de-tune the engine by resetting the engine control unit to default before the vehicle is dispatched for sales. The manufacturers do this in order to ensure that the software settings on the ECU take into consideration the varying climates, laws and restrictions and varying quality of fuels that their vehicles are exposed to. Vehicle remapping is the modification or replacement of the default software on a vehicle’s on-board computer as provided by the manufacturer.

An ECU remap overwrites the default software on the ECU with new software that is generally programmed to tune and optimize the vehicle’s all round performance. The process is known as Vehicle/ECU remapping since the ECU is actually a programme that controls and regulates the function of an engine. For a vehicle to be remapped, the tuned software is plugged into its serial port which then overwrites the engine map with the new version to enhance the engine’s performance. The ability to upgrade through the vehicle’s serial port has pushed the tuning industry leaps ahead of itself with continuous development on the engine being much quicker through the flash process.

Previously called chip tuning, where memory chips were removed and then retailored to the driver’s and vehicle’s requirement, the process incorporates the only update to the ECU through the use of ECU remapping software. The ECU is the brains of the engine, and like the brains of any organism – humans the most – it needs supply and sustenance of information, which it obtains from remapping.

With the growth of computer services and the role that computers have been playing all this while, affecting all divisions of our lifestyles, they have made their way into vehicles and have been under countless hoods for quite some time now. Engines are fine tuned through the computer system. ECU remapping isn’t just done in order to obtain a better power and performance from an existing engine, but also focuses on the budget aspect since the technique helps in fuel preservation. A lot of fuel expenses can be curbed by using the remapping method. Vehicles aren’t generally built to the specifications of our power output needs and requirements and ECU tuning helps achieve configurations that improve upon the vehicle’s capabilities.

Brings down cost of fuel

The strategy of remapping is overwriting. The new configuration settings of any ECU are saved simply by overwriting the new set of information onto the previously stored one. Updated and advanced ECU remapping help adjust the vehicular controls to suit the driver’s needs and preferences.

The various parts of the units that the ECU is generally programmed to take control of, are the throttle position sensor and the crankshaft position sensor. Throttle indicates the way the engine is being controlled and the crankshaft involves the components of ignition timing and fuel injection quantity and timing. The acceleration and performing strength of the vehicle are significantly altered and the configurations are greatly improved upon. This reaps numerous benefits for the vehicle along with the requirements that have been selected. It is important to grasp and learn from all aspects that affect the function of the vehicle.

The confirmation of the ECU network allows the overwriting of the specified settings that we set out to acquire. It is important to be aware and updated on such topics and issues since one may not want to stuffing whatever they want into the technology that runs their vehicle without understanding the need for it.

There are plenty of reasons to go in for vehicle ECU remapping. The engine very clearly responds better upon pedalling the accelerator. The overall torque and power outputs are significantly increased and the power delivery becomes smoother, providing for a better and safer driving experience. The kilometres to the litre ratio is improved upon automatically, which brings down the cost of fuel, minimizes the carbon footprint, improves throttle response and increases the rev limit.

Remapping is quite essential for vehicles since along with all the performance benefits reaped from the process also provide for the nourishment and enhancement of the ECU.