Exclusive Photographs from Auto Expo 2016

Air Bags and some more air bags
May that day never come
Striking Attractive Ford Greets
Ford to India – Hello Namaste

If there is a place holder for Auto Expo 2016 that place holder is Hello Namaste by Ford India. It is as close to modern Indian spirit as any other elaborate place holder could’ve dreamed to be. It kind of lives with you long after you have moved away to other pavilions. The DNA is contemporary Indian, and that matters a whole lot with lot of people.

Auto Expo has become an institution, people from all over NCR and also others parts of our country come over to see India’s largest Car & Motorcycle Mela. If you are serious and are just not walking around, you need three days minimum to understand and get a hang of it. Here are photographs from first day of walking around, with some comments of course.

Jeep Wrangler
So Much of India in a Wrangler

Jeep is here. The original the Jeep is here. And the Jeep wants to be a complete package. This photograph is a good opening photo of Auto Expo, this carries with it many Indias: young, old; modern, traditional; busy, luxurious; and definitely an India on the move, if not on the moon. Truly likable, and don’t miss colors accentuated by people around the car, what a riot of colors. Interesting.


Air Bags and some more air bags
May that day never come

May that day never come. God forbid, it does, Hyundai Genesis is actually creating a Safe Zone for you. They actually brought in their test car and took relationship between Hyundai and safety perception to another level.

Baleno Outshines
I see three beauties in this photograph

Maruti Suzuki New Baleno is cool, comfortable and at ease with itself. The display, and model for model and some more approach made this display stunning.

Benelli Takes Color Coordination To Next Level
Liked the Bike and the Display

A troubled brand aims at glory again. Beneeli, since 1911, is now sold in India. Benelli India is hoping that numbers would grow quickly for this super bike manufacturer. Display and coordination of colors of bike were flawless and were transporting you to action and the green world connect seamlessly. It is a different story on how green the bike is.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Breeza
Vitara Brezza was the star of Maruti Suzuki Stand

2015 saw 2 big releases from Maruti, one a big hit and the other a big miss. Yes we are talking about Baleno & S-Cross. Maruti’s isn’t stopping at that, they are pushing hard and Brezza is all set to transform the way people look at Maruti. Looks good, specs are good too, hope the car brings in numbers for Maruti Suzuki.

Lights Camera Action - Clean
It takes people power to keep this spick and span

Tens of thousand of people walking and hundreds of thousands of lights around, someone is really working hard to keep magic happening on the floor.

Go Datsun Go, Cross Over to Fame Again
Datsun Go Cross Looks Fresh and Ready To Go

The minute you look at this car, your first reaction is Go Datsun Go. it is stunning and the way it has been accessorized for the Auto Expo it simply belittles Hyundai’s Creta and Maruti’s Brezza. It is too good looking and extremely exciting for the price range of Rs 5,00,000/- to 700,000/-

Honda is Honda
Logo, Cosmetics and Functionality reaches Next Level

Honda knows how to integrate and this is a neat way to do that. Logo, aesthetics and tail light seamlessly integrate and become one.  It will look amazingly good on the street. Waiting to see my first one.

Bending Down Tata Nexon
All For A Photograph

Hello? What are you doing Mister? No he is not falling and struggling to save his life, he is just being adventurous and bending down to take a shot of Tata Nexon’s underbelly. So much hard work for a good shot. Keep going.


Indian - Be Proud
It All Started With Indian for Bikes in the US

To us it is Indian, to them it is the life and times of American Indians. Indian as a bike looks brilliant and if you have upwards of Rs 12,00,000/- to spend you could very well be an Indian on Indian wheels, the real royal way, with all bells and whistles.


Tata Pavilion Auto Expo 2016
What Makes A Car A Car

Now, how about what goes inside and outside a car on a wall. Tata Motors has put a few walls which show what all makes their cars, and they are all up there for you to see clearly and get a feel of how they would work when put together.

Merc is Merc
Straight To The Finish

Long queues welcome you to the Mercedes stand. Racing cars and sedans compete against each other for visitors attention.  If you really wish to see where technology is heading, do look at what all Mercedes is doing.

MRF An Indian Tyre Giant
Madras Rubber Factory

That is how MRF was born, Madras Rubber Factory and today they define class among tires and a premium over their rivals – Ceat, Apollo and Goodyear. MRF also got India dreaming about car racing decades before Vijay Malaya came in and tried to become king of India’s Formula Racing circuit.

Jaguar F Pace
Watch out Super Premium SUVs – There is a Jag out here

Jaguar has defined premium cars and allowed Land Rover to define premium SUVs and happily called J of JLR, but it is all changing now. Jaguar’s F-Pace goes where Land Rover has never gone, it takes the segment Porsche with its Cayenne has ruled, where BMWs, Mercs, Audis and Volvos of this world end, Jag now begins its journey. The house of Tata has taken Jaguar to even more glorious heights than the brand had ever seen before.