Luxury Sports Utility – Mercedes Maybach GLS

Luxury Sports Utility - Mercedes Maybach GLS
Mercedes-Maybach GLS sports utility vehicle (SUV)
Luxury Sports Utility - Mercedes Maybach GLS
Mercedes-Maybach GLS sports utility vehicle (SUV)

German global automotive company Mercedes Benz is a part and division of Daimler AG. Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler founded it. Daimler AG also called Daimler Benz, was formed in 1926 with the merger of Benz, Cie and Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft. The car manufacturing company is known worldwide for its luxury vehicles, vans, buses, coaches, ambulances and trucks. It was the largest premium vehicle seller in the world with a production output of 2.3 million passenger cars.

Mercedes Benz originates from Karl Benz’s petrol-powered car. The first of its kind, it was called Benz Patent Motorwagon and was patented in 1886. Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft first marketed the Mercedes automobile in 1901. But the name Mercedes was still not used. In 1902, DMG’s Emil Jellinek – a European entrepreneur, created the trademark when he named the Mercedes 35hp after his daughter. The automobile company has headquarters in Stuttgart, Baden Wurttemberg. It has two divisions – Mercedes AMG and Mercedes Maybach.

Daimler Benz took possession of Maybach in 1960. It then became the standalone, ultra-luxury car and shared some significant components with the Mercedes Benz. Wilhelm Maybach founded the company in 1909, and it was the only pure-luxury brand in the late twentieth century and the early twenty-first century. However, in 2013, it ceased to exist as an independent company due to slow sales, becoming a sub-brand of Mercedes Benz. Now Daimler produces the ultra-luxury edition of Mercedes Benz S class under the name Mercedes Maybach.

The latest model by the auto manufacturer in the Maybach line up is the Maybach GLS. It was unveiled at the 2019 Guangzhou Motor Show, in China and the top-flight SUV competes with cars like Bentley Bentayaga, Rolls Royce Cullinan and Maserati Levante.

This new edition of the GLS is the third iteration after the GLS regular model and GLS 63S. The Maybach GLS has many of the features associated with the Maybach badge S-class, which makes it different from the standard third-generation GLS. The new styling elements include a chrome grille and highlights featuring vertical louvres. The chrome theme is further explored around the windows and to the sides on the doors. The model comes with two options for the tyre size – a standard 22-inch and a little larger 23-inch wheels. Pirelli PZero 285/40 R23 tyres are used in the 23-inch variant which also comes with pinstripe design spokes. The styling option is customisable as it offers eight different colour-combinations for its two-tone exterior paint scheme. It also has a signature cross rib, electrically extending running board and chromed tailpipe.

Martin Hulder, Mercedes Benz’s head of product management has said that the SUVs have a significant advantage in the luxury segment. He believes the high seating position with the combination of running boards makes access and egress more comfortable and convenient.

The interior of the vehicle has got an upgrade of unique trim elements and Napa-Leather upholstery. It is spacious, and its noise insulation is exceptionally effective, creating a peaceful atmosphere and an experience of calm. Customers also can choose the reclining-seats with additions such as a massage or heating function. It has a refrigerator in the four seating layout, centre console with folding tables and an electronically controlled panoramic sunroof. The interiors can be altered according to an individual, but the basic look comes with a faux-wood dashboard and controller for the infotainment screen. Rear occupants get a touch screen unit to operate the MBUX mounted on front headsets. Other than this, it provides Apple car play, Android Auto, 9 USB ports and a 115-volt power outlet. A Burmester audio system and cold storage are also available for back seat occupants.

The GLS 600 4Matic combines a 48V starter motor with a 4-litre V8 turbocharged petrol engine, which provides an overall output of 558 hp at six thousand rpm and 730 Nm of torque from 2,500 to 5,000 rpm. It has a 9-speed torque converter automatic transmission. The top speed achieved by the SUV is 200 kilometres per hour, with Mercedes claiming zero to hundred kilometres per hour in just 4.9 seconds. During deceleration, the kinetic energy produced front the starter generator is converted to electrical energy, which then is channelled through the 9-speed gearbox and 4Matic all-wheel drive.

The Maybach has a specially tuned version of Mercedes’ E- active body-control suspension. The car has a long list of standard driving aids, including a curve inclination function. This feature allows the SUV to lean into corners which reduced the underlying forces acting on the passengers. It comes with driving modes such as Sport, Comfort, Individual and Maybach mode.

The Maybach GLS 600 4Matic will first launch in North America, China and Europe in the second half of 2020 – which are currently the top three markets for SUVs. The market price of the car is still unknown but is estimated to be around 1.5 crore rupees. Mercedes Benz India is actively considering the launch of the ultra-luxurious Maybach GLS in our country. They plan to bring the SUV in, under the new completely built-up unit rule, which allows automakers to import two thousand five hundred units per year without having to homologate them.