Mercedes Benz All Set to Woo Customers with Latest Service and Maintenance Initiative

Mercedes Benz All Set to Woo Customers with Latest Service and Maintenance Initiative
New service initiative by Mercedes Benz - Premiere Express Prime
Mercedes Benz All Set to Woo Customers with Latest Service and Maintenance Initiative
New service initiative by Mercedes Benz – Premiere Express Prime

The name “Mercedes-Benz” has been synonymous with luxury, quality and durability for more than half a century. Though the 1990s and early 2000s might’ve seen a slight fall in the company’s reputation, it bounced right back up by the end of the decade. The company showed impressive improvement as it rose from the 25th position to the 4th, earning several awards for its various models. They also received the Platinum plant quality award for their Sindelfingen assembly plant in Germany. By 2011, they were back in Quality and Vehicle Dependability studies’ above average category. In 2014, a study conducted into vehicle durability and longevity found Mercedes to be among the very few manufacturers with a minimum vehicle recall rate.

The last half of the decade has seen the company upgrade its model line-up with a plethora of new features and technological advancements along with design and styling changes as well.

Premiere Express Prime

They have recently introduced an interesting new service plan. Called the Premiere Express Prime, the initiative provides a complete service experience for Mercedes vehicles in a promised time limit of under three hours. A minute over the said time frame, will assure the customer a free-of-charge service experience. This is made possible by a well planned infrastructure and practiced execution of daily tasks using special tooling and equipment, special bays, and dedicated personnel for every single car which includes two qualified technicians and an experienced team leader. Though it has only been made available for the Bangalore city clientele, the Express prime will soon find its way to all major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.

The program includes major service, part replacements, damage repairs and under-warranty maintenance for AMG vehicles. The objective of the program is to reduce the service time and enable customers to save time on something as important yet often undermined, as car care.

The program focuses on people who have a very busy lifestyle and often find the amount taken by service procedures and technicians to be very taxing on their daily engagements.

The Mercedes Benz India Customer Services team have initiated an “Efficiency focus” program to ensure customer retention through quality service provision. It is one of the twenty-five initiatives taken by the team as a way of proactive celebration of Mercedes’ completion of twenty five years in India.

In a statement, the VP of Customer services and corporate affairs, Mercedes Benz India said that for any automotive brand, the only way forward is to think and function long term. This can only be achieved by working towards service excellence and a smooth, pleasant ownership experience, which includes maintenance and care as well.

The company believes in winning the loyalty and acknowledgement of their customers by providing them an exclusive, pampered and outstanding after-sales experience. According to their guidelines, once the car is sold, the actual work begins. Making a customer is easy, it is keeping those customers and doing so while making them happy, that makes or breaks a company’s chances in the market.

With the launch of their Premiere express prime services they wish to give Mercedes customers one more reason to stay loyal to the company. After-sales relationship management is key to their growth strategy, especially in India and the new initiative instils confidence both in their developmental plan and customer mindsets.

The two major strategies of the company’s customer service division for the year 2020 are Efficiency focus and Retention offensive.

Services to be covered under the latest plan have been divided into various categories. Service type A will include oil drain and replacement, oil filter check and replacement, Brake fluid top-up or replacement, Air-conditioner/cabin filter replacement, Engine air filter replacement, Coolant/Antifreeze ratio check and replacement and complete washing and cleaning of the vehicle including interior dry clean and full body shampoo wash.

Service type B will include oil drain and replacement, oil filter check and replacement, Brake fluid topup and replacement, Air filter check and replacement, Wheel rotation, Wheel and steering alignment, Coolant/antifreeze ratio check and replacement, Interior and exterior wash/dry-clean, fuel filter check and replacement, Air conditioner/cabin filter replacement, Braking system checkup and Brake pad/brake shoe liner replacement. Wheel alignment and balancing.

The last decade has seen numerous multi-brand workshops open up like call-centres in major metro cities, and their very presence threatens the O.E manufacturer’s idea of company-run service and spare establishments. More and more customers are switching from company owned and managed centres to independent service providers who perform almost all necessary tasks and part replacements at much lesser costs than the former. They have almost all the equipment and tooling necessary to take apart and put back together most luxury car offerings in the market, in addition to scanning equipment and software updates for cars.

The company looks at the initiative as a way of preventing losing customers to these so-called multi-brand workshops and other local service providers, by giving value to the most valued asset of customers nowadays- time.