Popular Electric Cars

The most popular Electric Cars available

The electric vehicle flood has turned into a river with its level rising faster than ever. With each new wave of electric vehicles, their technology and driving range keeps getting better.  Though not perfect, EVs have started becoming more and more common in the world market. The year 2018 itself saw more than two million electric vehicles being sold worldwide and their numbers are constantly rising.

In India, electric cars are scarce due to the lack of charging infrastructure and almost all of them are owned by either celebrities or millionaires. Their advantages and environmental benefits are countless, and the only major hurdle that their market faces is the steep pricing.

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has become a household name in all of North America and most of Europe, given their massive sales numbers in both these continents. Their cars are full to the brim with innovative technology and digital connectivity and have inspired a paradigm shift in electric vehicle manufacturing. The company has led the way for a number of new companies foraying into EV design and development, and the competition is getting intense.

There are numerous options available in the international EV market, and more are on their way. 2020 is expected to bring with it a whole new breed of digital age electric cars with autonomous driving options. Here are some of the most popular and viable EV options in the world market.

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