Rezvani Tank X 2020 – The Bottom Line in Personal Security Vehicles

Rezvani Tank X 2020 - The Bottom Line in Personal Security Vehicles
Rezvani Tank X 2020
Rezvani Tank X 2020 - The Bottom Line in Personal Security Vehicles
Rezvani Tank X 2020

The world of exclusivity plays by a very different set of rules. Figures don’t get the upper hand and the pursuit of design evolution is nowhere as fierce as in the market of customized automobiles. The last decade has seen several names rise in the exclusive arena of custom-built vehicles. Among the newly established names of this niche sector in the international market, is Rezvani Motors.

Founded in 2014 by Ferris Rezvani who it is named after, the company is headquartered in Santa Ana, California. Established on a fifty thousand square-foot facility, they specialise in limited-edition custom-built vehicles all priced above six-figures. Ferris Rezvani himself has an impressive portfolio and the industry experience of having worked with the likes of Vencer, Aston Martin, Ferrari and DBC.

Their first offering was a supercar built on the Ariel Atom’s chassis. Called the Rezvani Beast, its body is made entirely from carbon fibre and uses several mechanical components from its chassis donor. It is powered by a 2.4 litre Honda – Cosworth motor with a supercharger. Tuned to produce over five hundred horsepower, the engine is mated to a six-speed transmission unit which diverts power to its rear wheels.

Getting the car is an eight to twelve week process during which it is hand-built to the customer’s taste and needs.

The company builds their cars using advanced machining processes such as CNC routing, milling and 3D printing. Almost all their body components, including panels and parts such as headlights, tail-lights and trim sections, are produced in-house at their facility in California.

In 2017, Rezvani motors revealed their extreme utility vehicle called the Tank. Designed like a military truck, it is a road-legal SUV with impressive off-road capabilities. It is also completely bullet-proof and includes ballistic armour, shatter-proof level-7 glass, bomb-protection, reinforced suspension, run-flat tires and an intercom.

Rezvani Tank X 2020 Features

The engine is a Dodge derived 6.4 litre V8 Hemi with switchable four-wheel drive capability. The interior is protected by an all-round roll cage and has composite armour to keep the passengers safe during an attack. It also offers some completely insane features such as thermal night-vision cameras, electrified door-handles, a rear tack-dispenser which unloads thirty sharp barbed-wire tacks to completely ruin the tyres of a tailing vehicle. The interior has a special panel above the overhead-rear-view-mirror (ORVM) which contains buttons to activate these features. One particular button which reads “smoke screen” releases a huge amount of smoke all around the TANK to confound any vehicle following it. Another one activates magnetic deadbolts incase someone tries forced-entry through one of the access doors. There are gas-masks for the passengers in the event of a chemical attack, a hypothermia kit and a defibrillator to jump-start someone’s heart incase it stops beating due to the shock of an attack or injury.

Rezvani Tank X 2020 Interior
Rezvani Tank X 2020 Interior

The fuel tank is wrapped in kevlar protective armour which assures its protection from gunfire and small explosions. The suspension assemblies are procured from FOX racing suspensions, a specialist in all kinds of motorsport and customized shock-absorption.

Tank X

The company has also introduced an upgraded version of the TANK, called as the TANK-X, which is powered by a 6.2 litre supercharged V8 taken from the Dodge Challenger Demon. It has been re-tuned to produce a massive output of one thousand horsepower. However, owing to the excess weight of the TANX-X, given the amount of bullet and bomb-proofing it has undergone, it is only fitting that the eight thousand pound vehicle get all the extra beef it can. There’s not much point to being a custom-built special-protection vehicle if you can’t out run those trying to attack, capture or worse, kill you.

The limited edition vehicle is actually based on the Jeep Wrangler. The team at Rezvani motors then gets to work, completely redesigning and rebuilding every aspect of it, so that not a single part of it betrays its true origin. Despite the action-packed nature of this very unique truck, the company envisions it to be daily-drive vehicle.

They are particularly proud of their suspension. The entire arrangement allows the truck to be driven like an off-road racecar, with the capability of handling the harshest of terrain changes, without making the experience bone-jarring for the passengers. With thirty-seven inch tyres which all have an integrated layer of thick vulcanized rubber and the incredibly sturdy shock-proofing of the chassis, the Tank X can practically go anywhere.

2020 upgrades

The interior also gets a few upgrades that include hand-stitched leather upholstery, suede headliners, an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment unit and – wait for it -a military edition Electromagnetic Pulse shield (EMP) protection, to protect all the electronic systems including the engine control module and others form a EMP cannon blast of E1, E2 and E3 levels.

The Tank starts at the price of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars (US) and has customizable options that make it go up to four hundred thousand. The base model is available at a hundred and fifty five thousand dollars, though it will miss out on a lot of special features that make the Tank X a truly incredible envy-worthy vehicle.