Rolls Royce Hits the Refresh Button for its 2020 Line Up

Rolls Royce Hits the Refresh Button for its 2020 Line Up
Rolls Royce to introduce 2020 Phantom, 2020 Ghost and 2020 Cullinan in the coming year.
Rolls Royce Hits the Refresh Button for its 2020 Line Up
Rolls Royce to introduce 2020 Phantom, 2020 Ghost and 2020 Cullinan in the coming year.

Having sold more than four thousand cars, the BMW owned British luxury car manufacturer Rolls Royce has recorded significant growth in all the international markets with America leading its sales at thirty per cent of their total numbers. This has encouraged them to re-shuffle their existing model line-up by redesigning the ones long due for an upgrade and discontinuing production of some.

The Phantom

The most revered of its entire line up is the Phantom which ran a full decade without any design changes and has now acquired its eighth avatar. At an eccentric price tag of US$450,000 and a long-wheelbase version that costs half a million, few can experience its splendour. However, being the new benchmark of luxury and refinement and the most advanced Rolls ever, the 2020 Phantom is incomparable to any other luxury car in the world and more than enough for those in constant pursuit of driving excellence and exclusivity.

With a smoother drive than its predecessors, the eighth generation Phantom is powered by the company’s flagship V12 engine with 6.75 litres of displacement and twin turbochargers, that together pump out over five hundred and sixty-three horsepower and nine hundred Newton – metre of torque. The engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission with power delivery at the rear wheels, allowing the two and a half-ton beast, a zero to hundred kmph acceleration time of just 5.1 seconds. The massive powertrain and the overall weight of the car may allow it an extremely low fuel economy of barely five kilometres to a litre of fuel, but that’s just about some pocket change on fuel expenditures for its potential billionaire buyers.

The Ghost

Next in line is the great-great-grandchild of the legendary 1906 Rolls Royce silver ghost, with a four-door structure and the in luxurious house underpinnings of the company, placing it amongst the finest of automotive architectures.

The 2020 Rolls Royce Ghost is going through a complete redesign from the ground up and will come forth with an entirely new identity. Called the entry-level Rolls Royce, it is expected to carry a price tag of three hundred and twenty thousand dollars. With some resemblance to its predecessor’s shape and a lot of visual elements adopted from the Phantom’s design, the new Ghost features a brand new interior with the new age Rolls Royce cluster and interface in the form of a large touchscreen panel with wood and chrome richly blended by double-stitched leather upholstery. The infotainment system is the latest in the company’s UI developments and promises to push the bar higher than ever in passenger-vehicle communication.

The powertrain will be similar to that of the new Phantom, except of course the twin-turbocharged V12 in the Ghost shall be displacing a hundred ccs less at 6.6L, but will come mated to the same eight-speed automatic transmission system as the former. There is, however, some speculation about the power distribution that claims the Ghost will be an all-wheel-drive car – a first in the line up of Royces.

Also anticipated is the black badged sports version of the Ghost with the same reputation as Mercedes’ AMG or BMW’s M performance package. The black badge Ghost is likely to get the new model’s cosmetic changes but probably with the same 600 horsepower motor – 50 horses stronger than the stock version – underneath.

The Cullinan

The very first SUV in Rolls Royce’s line up is also their most eccentric model and has already been proclaimed as the most luxurious one ever. It comes with thirty-two colour options and five distinctly designed sets of alloy wheels, and though not too bad off the tarmac, it feels more at home on it.

The Cullinan as it’s called, makes use of the same powertrain as the Phantom – a 6.75 litre twin-turbocharged V12, mated to an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission unit, directing the engine output to all four wheels – just like the Ghost, but is twice as quiet as either of the two, and that is what appeals most to those extremely well of patrons who are waiting to bring it home. 

The chunky powerhouse drives it from zero to a hundred kilometres an hour in just 4.8 seconds and all that without breaking a sweat. Its top speed is, however, electronically restricted to two hundred and fifty kilometres an hour.

At 2.7 tons and mileage of 4.8 kilometres to a litre, it is undoubtedly not amongst the most economical luxury cars in the world. After a hundred years of making exclusive automobiles, one doesn’t expect any different from a Rolls, except perhaps the fact that they can spend more time and millions on building a luxury car for the sustainable future that the world industry is headed towards. Sarcasm? Definitely.

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