The 2019 British GP – Rins Scores over Marquez

The 2019 British GP - Rins Scores over Marquez
Alex Rins has won British Motorcycle Grand Prix 2019 at the Silverstone Stadium in Silverstone, Britain on August 25, 2019.
The 2019 British GP - Rins Scores over Marquez
Alex Rins has won British Motorcycle Grand Prix 2019 at the Silverstone Stadium in Silverstone, Britain on August 25, 2019.

The British Moto GP took place on Sunday, August 25, 2019 at the Silverstone Stadium in Silverstone, Britain and was won by Alex Rins relentlessly securing a 0.013 seconds lead on Marc Marquez.

Choppy Start

Rins got off to a bumpy start in the race as he nearly avoided a crash in the very first corner. He started from the fifth position on the grid. At the first turn, he climbed to the third position, having narrowly missed a crash when the rear tyre of his bike kicked out upon aggressive acceleration on the exit. Fabio Quartararo, who was just behind Rins, found himself in a similar situation but he couldn’t get a handle over his vehicle and got himself and last round’s winner Andrea Dovizioso out of the race.

King of Manoeuvre

Rins quickly coMntrolled his bike and passed Valentino Rossi for second place, behind Marquez who maintained his position in the lead for most of the race.

Even though his GSX-RR lacked the top speed to take over Marquez’s, it helped him hold his position on the straight sections of the track with the help of slipstream and was quite fast in and out of most corners.

Old Foes

The rivalry between Rins and Marquez goes beyond the track. Rins had recently accused Marquez of having no respect for other drivers at Brno after they got tangled in the qualifying round and the ripples of this could be seen in the race.

Rins took the lead at one point but he eventually and unwillingly let Marquez regain his number one position. He later revealed a part of his strategy saying that because he knew Marquez was faster than him, he didn’t want to give away any other possible advantages he held over him and quickly conceded the lead. Rins knew he was faster around the fast corners and chicanes, despite Marc’s faster acceleration, and was determined and gained a lot of metres back in the last corner.

Brave Move

Marquez was in the lead and finished first in all but the last two laps, Rins raced past him not once but twice this last GP. The first pass was very risky and quite a brave move that Rins made only because he thought they were already in the final lap. The pass resulted in Rins being squeezed across the kerb on the exit. After the race Rins told reporters that he had made a terrible mistake that could possibly have caused him the title – assuming the penultimate lap to be the final one. He only realized it wasn’t the final lap when he saw Marquez going full throttle after they crossed the line. Alex was again on the second position after running over the kerb, but the position chart showed Rins to be in first place ahead of Marquez, proving his bold and daring outside pass to be the successful one. Nevertheless,  Rins had to do it again, aiding Marquez in his anticipation of such a move, as he had been defeated in a similar fashion in the Red Bull Ring by Dovizioso.

In the end, Rins’ pass proved to have worked in his favour, as after that Marquez was pushed to his limits and gave his all to cross through the corner in the last lap, so as to retain his lead.

Close Win by a Miniscule Margin

But as the Honda began to slide, Rins saw his opening and raced his bike to speed past Marquez who was slightly slower in the corner. This allowed Rinz to cut across the very little space on the inside, and he then maximized his speed to the peak and pushed faster than the speed Marquez was going at, winning himself the title just by a margin of 0.013 seconds. It was the closest win in MotoGP since Estoril 2006.

This wasn’t Rins’ first GP win of the year. He also won the Texas GP which was held in Austin, where he had defeated Marquez for the first time. Alex said that the two victories he had were difficult and he sincerely believed that Marquez or Fabio could’ve just as easily won this race as they had more potential than him.
He wasn’t all in and gunning for the first position, since even the second place would’ve worked well for him, but when he saw his chance to win at the last corner, he swiftly took it.

A Proud Victory for Rins and Suzuki

Rins is proud of his victories and very happy for Suzuki, which now has 3 wins to their name since the team’s re-entry into the MotoGP in 2015. Rins’ win was unbelievable and the racer thought so himself, as he said the same thing when asked to comment on it. He is determined to perform his best and to try and finish in podium positions until the end of the championship.

This victory made Alex Rins number three in the world championship.

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