The Rolls Royce Wraith – A fast piece of art

The Rolls Royce Wraith
The Rolls Royce Wraith
The Rolls Royce Wraith
The Rolls Royce Wraith

The closest competition that comes to it in terms of sales or comfort or style, is either a luxury yacht, or a small jet. The Rolls Royce Wraith is the most stylish, exotic and technologically advanced Rolls to ever have been built.

Unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show last year, the 5.3 metre long, 2.5 tonne statement in pure luxury and style, produces 800Nm of torque and takes just a little over four seconds to touch the 100kmph mark. With 624 bhp coming from a monster of a twin turbo V12 with an 8 speed satellite assisted transmission, and impeccable styling and good looks, the Rolls Royce Wraith is the ultimate expression of a gentleman’s Gran Turismo – a car that most of us would agree, has no worthy competitor, yet.

Based on the same structure as the BMW 7 series and the Rolls Royce Ghost – the company’s smaller sedan, the new Wraith is a complete game changer for those who’ve known Rolls for being luxurious chauffer driven cars.

With even the famous “Spirit of ecstasy” figurine, given a five degree angle forward, in order to give the car an added presence of speed, an elegant yet dramatic combination of linear visual tension and the expressive character line provide the wraith with a unique club of power, command and speed in terms of character.

The Wraith is not one of those cars that one would not have an opinion on. You either love it to bits, or hate it, enough to want it to just flash by. One can call it a coupe version of the Ghost, but then that wouldn’t really be any justice at all to this brilliant fastback that RR have come up with. the signature RR suicide doors have gigantic spar-like door handles, up under the wing mirrors which are also door mounted. Till the A pillar, everything will somehow remind one of the RR Ghost, but one step towards the rear, and the design changes. There is absolutely no B pillar and the windows are frameless, allowing the sweeping roofline chopping away downward to meet a voluptuous rear that cleverly conceals a wider wheel track that aids the rear suspension. Numerous flat surfaces – big, solid bits of design, have been carefully softened either into the rolling bumpers or the sustained depths of the sides. It looks big and heavy and at the same time completely capable of flying with its weight.

Skilled hands have crafted the most powerful Rolls ever. The 6.6-litre twin turbo V12 develops enough power to make the car as fast in terms of pickup and torque as the new Porsche 911. However, this car isn’t about any quarter mile rush, or the comparison with other cars’ 0-100 timings. Its more about the sound or the “flavour” from the  powerhouse of pure luxury – if you can manage to hear it that is. The Wraith, is about quality alone, for quantity is a parameter long conquered in terms of power, appeal and sheer awesomeness, by the luxury giant.

The one of its kind, Satellite Aided Transmission of the Rolls Royce Wraith, uses GPS data to see beyond the driver’s limit. It anticipates the driver’s next move based on location, current speed, driving style, and shift pattern, and then selects the most appropriate gear for the terrain up ahead. The car holds gears at times on corners, instead of shifting up. And it works perfectly.

An advanced air suspension allows the car to “feel” the slightest of changes in individual load to the dampers in every 2.5 seconds is calculated by the central unit, allowing benefits like outstanding comfort, poise and assurance for the driver. If we compare it to Bentley’s Continental GT, the Wraith will not even in the slightest, try out of the way to be a sports or a super. No, it is in the truest sense, a gentleman’s Gran Turismo.

Technology is mostly borrowed from BMW, but the sheer genius at RR let it slip in no way possible.

The interiors are in one word – Fantastic. The quality, the touch and feel, the visual proportions, the attention to detail, everything makes stuff in some of the most premium luxury cars seem “normal”.

Doubtlessly as expected of a Rolls – but one must agree that the automaker has completely stepped up in terms of confidence and the presence of all luxury parameters in the car. Leather dominates the interiors and one can opt for the Starlight headliner, which is made from 1340 fiber optic lights sewn into the roof liner by hand. 8,000 Euros for it though, may seem a bit steep, but the effect is amazing.

Low as the roof seems, it is still high enough for for 1.8-metre tall people. The seats are big, lavish and extremely comfortable, though without the numerous controls one would find in a 7 series. Around the corner visibility is poor but with a lot of gadgets and gizmos – a rear view camera being the most basic of them – it becomes easier to park the car.

The Climate control is pretty intuitive and comes with ease of use. One can select different temperature settings for their head and leg space.

The frameless coach doors are simply put, huge, and can be operated via a button inside the small triangle window at either front pillar. It is so silent inside that even if a fire truck went past with its siren on full blast, one would only just hear it slightly. A big imposing dashboard with panels made completely out of wood, along with the leather and the many lights, glass and chrome bits make the interior worthy of wanting to die in.

With all the brilliance and imposing, commanding presence, the Wraith – even with a price tag of 2,45,000 Euros (in Europe) –  is a car that will only bring peace to your being, especially if you’re on the inside.