Movie Review: 2.0

Cast: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Sudhanshu Pandey

Directed by: S. Shankar

Produced by: A. Subaskaran, Raju Mahalingam

Written by: S. Shankar, B. Jeyamohan

Cinematography by: Nirav Shah

Edited by: Anthony

Production House: Lyca Productions

Duration: 2 Hours 45 minutes


Rajnikant fans never had it so good. Eight years ago, Robot rocked the theatres with its amazing storyline, adrenaline pumping action and, of course, Rajinikanth’s stupendous performance.

Fast forward, we have on our hands another treat by Director, S. Shankar. This time around, the fight is not against a mad scientist, but a human who has mutated into a dangerous creature, wreathing with vengeance. Pakshi Rajan, aka Pakshi, has been brought on screen by superstar Akshay Kumar. His motive is simple: to kill everybody who poses a threat to the environment by using cellphones; so practically, the entire population.

With the country in danger, comes Vaseegaran aka Vasee (played by Rajnikant) to the rescue. He revives Chitti, the andro humanoid robot who had been dismantled in the previous movie, in a bid to help the government defeat Pakshi Rajan. But, this time Chitti is not alone. In his quest to contain the villain, Chitti is aided by Nila (Amy Jackson), another andro humanoid robot that has been recently created by Vasee.

Will Chitti manage to defeat Pakshi Rajan or will the fearsome bird creature destroy the country? You will have to stay glued to the theatre seats till the very end to find out!

Movie Review

Who says Indian directors aren’t good at making sci-fi movies? Robot and now 2.0 are stupendous sci-fi films that are worthy enough to give top Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters a run for their money. Though the plot may sound a little humdrum, the direction, special effects and the remarkable performances of Rajnikant and Akshay Kumar ensure that not a second of the movie feels dull and boring.

A great emphasis has been given to special effects, with over 15 VFX companies providing their talents to ensure that viewers get a rocking time. The movie has perfectly been shot in 3D. As always, Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth have delivered out of the world performances. Catching a glimpse of Rajni sir as the villain in Robot (when Chitti goes on a rampage), and watching Akshay Kumar playing Pakshi in this one is surely a treat! The two legendary actors sharing screen space is bound to set the halls on fire.

Our verdict

2.0 is an all out action movie and would be a great watch, whether you are a Rajnikant fan or not. The special effects are dazzling and the performances awesome. Still confused if you should watch it? Here’s what we can promise: when you watch the movie, the only dilemma you’ll be in is whether to hate Akshay as the evil bird or love him for beautifully bringing the role to life. So, grab your bucket of popcorn and get ready to watch this truly a “value for money” movie.