IOTs, MeghRaj Set to Spur Industrial Boom in India This Year

IOTs Industrial Boom in India

IOTs Industrial Boom in IndiaWe have observed that the year 2014 had a cascade of Big Data, SMAC and the Internet of Things. It has been predicted that this year (2015) will move forward with these technologies which has seen a huge surge large last year.

In today’s world when every aspect of our life is connected with internet, it has been observed that more and more things are getting connected to the internet than people whether it is PCs, smartphones, tablets, television and many other things. It has been predicted that by 2020 internet connected things will hit 50 billion that is equal to more than six devices per person in the whole world.

IOTs, Cloud no more a dream

IOT has become an industry on its own and no longer considered to be a theoretical idea but a real one. By 2020 the Government of India is planning to make IOT a $ 15 billion market and to make the initiative a success it has already launched several schemes and as a result it will have an effect on all the industries like energy, healthcare, agriculture, professional services, etc. and specially in 2015 the manufacturing sector will be a major part for IOT.

Rather than storing on private networks, the large amount of data can be accessed by the cloud and it has been predicted that one-third of all data will pass through or live in the cloud by 2020. To strengthen and avail benefits of the cloud the Government has several plans and has launched some initiatives like the National Cloud, MeghRaj. Today cloud has become a priority for every business and businesses of all sizes whether it is big or small is embracing this technology in India as well as all over the world. Today’s latest revolution in cloud computing is to make business applications more collaborative and mobile.

Huge amount of data which are coming from the IOT, social media and wearable devices have to be filtered and managed properly by the organizations and for accomplishing this tough task the organizations need to find the best possible ways. Managing such a large amount of data is not the only task but the organizations should keep in mind that they should be properly and timely delivered to the right person. So we can understand that the analytics will occupy a centre-stage as the volume of data becomes bigger and bigger.

Objects printing technology – 3D

3 D printing – this term has become very familiar these days. Actually it is a technology which, by the help of printing technology, enables us to produce any physical form instantly wither it is food, bicycle, toys, cars or any living structure. 3 D printing is fully assembled and decorated as the printing is done by adding layer upon layer on top of one another. In 2015 worldwide shipments of 3 D printers are expected to reach 98% which will likely double in 2016.

It has been predicted by Gartner that serving the needs of the mobile users in different environments and contexts will be emphasized more rather than focusing only on mobile devices as there will be continuous proliferation of mobile devices in 2015. According to Gartner the overall environment needs to be improved as per the mobile users’ requirements as wearable devices and phones have become part of an expanded computing environment.

As firewalls and perimeters are not enough, new models of building security directly into applications are needed in today’s dangerous digital world. The organizations have started realizing that providing a 100% secured environment is not at all possible.

We can have an idea that 2015 can be a highly productive year for India as well as for the other countries of the world. India will have to move a step ahead to become the undisputed leader in this huge world of information technology. By this growth pattern India can mark its footprint for employment generation and portal for development and can be highly successful in this modern corporate world.

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