My India, my brand

Today, Brand Equity –  The Economic Times weekly feature, covers brands and their recall. I decided to go ahead and check out what my association / recall / first reaction with each of them is. Here is a rundown on the ranking with my comments / remarks / observations.

1. Colgate – Not my regular toothpaste, use it when traveling or when presented with a free one in a travel kit.

2. Dettol – Always at home, but Savlon is my strong second option.

3. Clinic Plus – My head loves dandruff, Clinic Plus helps me control it.

4. Lifebuoy – No user association, reminds me of  “O boy, o boy Charlie, from Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola.

5. Lux – Not me. Blows millions on advertising.

6. Maaza – Not good for me.

7. Nokia – A company which worked hard to make me shift from their brand to Samsung.

8. Airtel – I am fed up with their line dropping challenges.

9. Close-up – I am not supposed to be their user.

10. Maggi – My daughter loves me for making it to her “exact taste” every time.

11. Britannia – They make good biscuits and cookies but can’t get their packaging right. Their 5 Grain biscuits have a big-time packaging problem.

12. Pepsi – Diet Pepsi!

13. Thums Up – Works in the west & south of India.

14. Kurkure – A snack with MSG.

15. Surf Excel – I need the one which is for top-loading and it is not always available.

16. Bata – Hmm… They still sell and keep innovating and tinkering with their business model all the time.

17. Rasna – Gave Surf a run for their money.

18. Frooti – Wrote a slogan for them in a slogan writing contest – “Best route to fruit”.

19. Vodafone – Have they managed their tax problems?

20. Vicks – Don’t see it often.

21. Dove – A soap sold beautifully.

22. Tide – I use it when I am in the US, it is always available next to the laundry machine for purchase.

23. Moov – Took on Iodex and won.

24. Good Knight – Can’t live without it.

25. Pond’s – Still remember “sab kuch dikhta hai” and “Mummy jaisa sundar bana do na” campaigns.

26. Mirinda – Kids and ladies who don’t drink vodka, drink Mirinda.

27. Glucon-D – Always at home.

28. Tata Salt – There never has been a serious challenge to its dominance.

29. Parachute – Synonym for coconut oil.

30. Ariel – I don’t differentiate between them and Tide.

31. All Out – Brand confusion and dilution.

32. Sunsilk – It is a shampoo.

33. Pepsodent – Dented teeth?

34. Bournvita – My daughter is a Bournvita girl 🙂

35. Fair & Lovely – Is it the one which Shahrukh Khan uses?

36. Rin – Was on my mother’s shopping list 30-40 years back.

37. Parle Products – Parle G, the only biscuit with my morning tea.

38. Cadbury Dairy Milk – Made chocolate a gifting option in India.

39. Vim – Cleans utensils.

40. 7UP – A clear soda.

41. Samsung (Mobile Phones) – Almost an Apple iPhone at half the price or lower. I use it.

42. Pantene – A shampoo.

43. Head and Shoulders – A good shampoo.

44. Coca-Cola – It is Coca Cola, I don’t drink.

45. State Bank of India – The big Indian bank abused by political masters for personal favours.

46. Horlicks – My grandfather and my father’s alternative to drinking milk.

47. Big Bazaar – Air-conditioned, enclosed flea market / street market.

48. Limca – It has no alternative.

49. Sprite – A soda.

50. Cinthol – A soap from Godrej.

51. Slice – A mango drink.

52. Santoor – A South-Indian beauty soap.

53. Complan – A drink for kids which competes against Bournvita.

54. BSNL – Politicians milked it dry.

55. Fanta – Father of all orange-coloured sodas.

56. Medimix – A soap for keeping allergies away.

57. 5 Star – It was the chocolate I grew up with.

58. Tata Tea – They bought Tetley.

59. Godrej No1.  – A bath soap.

60. Johnson & Johnson – A newborn / baby care brand.

61. Boroplus – A cream for teenage girls.

62. Fevicol – Good carpenter’s go-to brand for layering and pasting jobs.

63. Mortein – Something like Good Knight.

64. Kissan – Sauces and juice-based concentrates.

65. Zandu Balm – I prefer Amrutanjan.

66. Sunfeast – ITC’s challenger to Britannia & Parle.

67. Munch – A chocolate?

68. Amul – Kurien, Cooperatives, Operation Flood, Women empowerment, Responsible organization.

69. Crocin – For mild fever.

70. Garnier – Makes shampoos and creams, essentially a ladies brand.

71. Wheel – Counter to Nirma by makers of Surf.

72. Ujala – For keeping white clothes, white.

73. Amrutanjan Balm – Solution for headache.

74. Kit Kat – I prefer 5 Star.

75. Lakme – India’s “make-up” brand, originally owned by the house of Tatas.

76. Nirma – Made Unilever go back to marketing school.

77. Vaseline – Poor man’s Nivea.

78. Nestle Milk Chocolate – No recall of having had it.

79. Bisleri – Bottled water in India is called Bisleri.

80. Aashirvaad – Good quality aata, especially “Sharbati”.

81. Samsung – I trusted them 13 years back, it still works.

82. Nescafe – For us, it was synonym for coffee.

83. Lays – Before Lays there was Gold ‘n’ Crisp, Binny’s and Uncle Chips. Lays’ success killed G n C and Binny’s and they bought Uncle Chips.

84. Harpic – Loos are cleaner.

85. Boroline – Haven’t seen or heard for years. Was used for pimples and acne, I think.

86. Dabur Hair Oil – Is it the same as Dabur Amla Hair Oil?

87. Boost – It was the secret of Kapil Dev’s energy and later of Sachin’s.

88. Rexona – It is a soap.

89. Iodex – For muscle pain relief it was always Iodex, Moov came and Iodex was never the same again.

90. Titan – My favourite watch brand and one of my favourite corporate entities.

91. Oral-B – Status symbol among toothbrush brands.

92. Babool – A medicinal toothpaste.

93. Saridon – For headache.

94. LG – Cheap consumer durables.

95. Hamam – It was once “Tata ka Hamam”. Was not aware that it is still around.

96. D’Cold – For relief from cold initiated headache.

97. Hajmola – Necessary after a big Punjabi meal.

98. Domex – Cleaning aid?

99. Vivel – Shampoo & Soaps from ITC, right?

100. Godrej Hair Dye – The brand before Hair Dyes were branded as Hair Color.