Been There, Done That - Connaught Place

Walk Along Map of Connaught Place

Lot of people are of the view that the days of cartographic maps are over, they say Google Maps is solution to all problems, we at Team Mapsofindia just don’t agree with them. Google Maps has its own place, yes definitely cartographic maps are not as much required today as they were say 10 years back, but as long as you can’t hang a GPS Map cartographic maps would keep solving a problem.

Over last 6 months a team of six people worked to get this map right. Starting from ground-up we surveyed Connaught Place twice and made sure that we captured each data point which had a story to tell and a fan following which would be looking for it.

Of course we couldn’t have added all points we captured on a cartographic map, but we made sure they all rest in our GIS solution. Here on this map we brought on display raison d’être for people to visit CP – hotels, restaurants, cinemas, religious places and marquee brands. Of course we didn’t miss marking all the gates of Rajiv Chowk Metro Station exactly where they are and, we marked large parking lots too.  This map is real and for those who know Connaught Place area, this map allows them to walk-up and down the memory lane.

This map is now available for purchase for those who would like to add value to their library, office or home. This map is five feet wide and five and a half feet in height.  You can buy it from Amazon India – Connaught Place Map