Indian Cities and Facebook – A Snapshot

When I was working on this post, the challenge was to rank cities not just on usage but also on where the growth potential lies. This snapshot ranks cities on usage and potential growth.

  1. Delhi/ New Delhi leads the sweepstakes on both counts. Scoring 5.5 out of a max of 10
  2. Mumbai is a distant second at 4.0
  3. Kolkata is a surprise third with 3.1
  4. Chennai beats Bangalore to the fourth spot with 2.3
  5. Bangalore manages a score of 2.1
  6. Hyderabad is at 1.7
  7. Pune is breathing very close at 1.6
  8. Ahmedabad is at 1.4
  9. Chandigarh is at 1.3
  10. Lucknow is at 1.25 beating Jaipur at 1.22 to claim the 10th slot

Few observations:

It is unlikely for Mumbai to catch up with Delhi, Delhi is far ahead in mobile usage of Facebook. It is very likely for the gap between these two cities to increase. An interesting fact to note is that a lot of people who work in Noida/ Gurgaon come back home and use Facebook, while at home or on way back home. Evening surge of Facebook traffic in Delhi is remarkable, especially on mobile devices.

Bangalore is likely to upset Chennai and position itself as the third most important city for those looking at Facebook from any business point of view. It can happen within the next six months, or so.

Chandigarh is growing fastest among league 2 cities, it may position itself at number 7 pushing Pune and Ahmedabad both down.

Jaipur and Lucknow are likely to run neck-and-neck with Bhopal pushing hard to get ahead of both of them. Bhopal currently loses out on usage of Facebook on mobile devices to both these cities.

This report has been made after evaluating publicly available data of usage in cities and by accessing enormous amount of primary data  available to me.

I would welcome your comments and observations.